How to Read 1 Book A Week Without Changing Your Lifestyle

How to Read 1 Book Per Week Without Changing Your Lifestyle


We all know that we should read more books, but the problem is that we simply do not have the time.

Either, we are too bombarded with trying to balance everything else in life, or we simply don’t have the motivation to pick up a book and read. What if there was a way to guarantee the completion of 1 book per week with minimal effort?


Good News! There is a way! 

How to Read 1 Book A Week Without Changing Your LifestyleStep 1: Find out when you engage in your daily mundane tasks (driving, eating, grocery shopping, etc)

Step 2: Listen to an audio book during those tasks

Step 3: Repeat

The best part of all of this is the rewards you will reap from being able to read more. You will become financially, emotionally, and mentally stronger with each book you read.


How to Read 1 Book A Week Without Changing Your Lifestyle

You must value your time in unique ways. Everyday, regardless of whether you are an average Joe or Dwayne the Rock Johnson, there is usually about 1 hour of mundane activities that fills your time. These activities can consist of your morning routine, your commute, lunch breaks, showers and much more.

Within these times, you have an opportunity to develop yourself. Now let’s say you are reading the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you have audible, the audiobook is about 8 hours long.

From there, it becomes a self-fulfilling task. All you need to do is fill your mundane hours (that you can’t really avoid) with listening to an audiobook. If the book is 8 hours in length, and you are only available to do these tasks Monday to Friday, then you are 3 hours short right? Wrong! All you need to do is 2x the audio book speed. Your brain will adjust, trust it.

That gives you 4 hours of listening time during your mundane routines, ultimately not altering your lifestyle whatsoever.