Profile: Name: Ferhan Patel Hometown: Montreal, Quebec Occupation: Payment Rails School: Concordia University- Bachelor of Computer Science, Richard Ivey School of Business EMBA CFE, CFCS, CAM, Do you think school played a big a role in developing your business? School helped me hone my organizational skills, however

Profile Name: Tiffany Lam Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario Education: Biology @ Queen’s University Occupation: Client Strategy Manager @ PATIO Interactive Tell us a little bit about your history. From Biology to Media & Marketing, how did that happen? I grew up pretty stereotypically nerdy; loved math and

Profile: Name: Harley Fitzsimons Birthday: July 19 1994 Education: Brock University Bachelor of Fine Arts Hometown: Oakville Occupation: Digital Media Strategist for the Fallsview Group Freelance Creative Director (Encompassing Design, merch, visuals, film, etc) Where did your passion for media arts stem from? It’s hard to explain but

Profile: Name: Michael Campanelli Occupation: Co-Founder of Chillwall / Co-Founder Dr. Ian Knowles Education: International MBA @ University of Ottawa & Lund University Hometown: Toronto What is Chillwall AI? Chillwall's mission is to conquer Boredom! The purpose is simple: Discover things that you did not know you

Profile Name: Duncan McCall Current Occupation: Sales & Customer Success @ Growth Genius Business: Founder of Bitmaker Labs & Co-Founder of BrainStation Hometown: London Ontario Education: Western University- Ivey School of Business   How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur? I am highly motivated by interacting and

Profile Name: Daman Wandke Age: 28 Education: Western Washington University (Masters of Business Administration) Occupation: Founder of Access Travel What disability do you have? Cerebral Palsy Why did you start this business? I travel a lot and what I have noticed was that when I went to hotels and

Profile: Name: Will Richman Hometown: Vancouver Born: April 28, 1989 Occupation: Co-founder of Growth Genius Education: Western University, Richard Ivey School of Business Can you give us a quick history of yourself? Upon graduation, I went into finance. I worked in wealth management. My core tasks were in

Profile: Name: Johnathan Holland Occupation: Founder of Curexe Hometown: Kenora, Ontario Education: Brock University Tell us about your company. Banking has been around for a long time. There is an oligopoly that has dominated the industry and because of that, there has been a major lack

Profile Name: Angela Su Hometown: Scarborough Education: Queen's University Born: September 18, 1994 Occupation: Associate Producer for Toronto Maple Leafs   Can you give a little insight on your occupation? Absolutely. I'm an associate producer for the Toronto Maple Leafs running a few productions on the network. I work with talented

Profile: Name: Lewis Kent Born: Scotland, June 21, 1994 Raised: Mississauga Education: Kinesiology - Western University World Record Holder: Beer Mile Entrepreneurship: Student Maintenance Company (owner) Occupation: Freedom 55 Financial   How are you able to balance a full-time job while running a business? I feel that a lot of people get into this