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Often when we hear the word value, we associate it with cost. In the workplace, we spend our time creating value for our employers which is then compensated for money. The value of travel operates in a different way. When we

These environmentalists are the leaders that will protect our earth for centuries and beyond. Their mission to protect the environment will ultimately save the world. Follow these environmentalists to learn how you can make a positive impact on the environment

These 15 world travelers have dedicated their lives to experiencing the wonders of the world and are now sharing their lessons and adventures with everyone on social media. Whether they are traveling to famously known destinations like the Taj Mahal

The practice of meditation is arguably as old as formal civilization itself. Yet, it is seemingly more prevalent today than ever before. Far removed from its religious origins, meditation in the twenty-first century represents a means of combating anxiety and

The rise of healthy vegetarian restaurants has started a health revolution across the world. Our society is becoming increasingly more health and environmental conscious. These 20 restaurants have risen above the rest and have created an impact in the world