Top 15 Coaches In Baltimore In 2022



Top Coaches In Baltimore In 2022

Baltimore is located about 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. and is the most populous city in Maryland, so you can be sure to find great coaches there. The best coaches in Baltimore are a tough list to compile, with many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Coaches in Baltimore that will be your best listeners and advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Baltimore in 2022 that you can contact right now:

Becky Augustine

Becky is a coach with a long experience in life coaching and executive coaching. But what she is passionate about is ontological coaching, focusing on self-development. She is also a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, a fantastic coach training program.

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Karenthia A. Barber

Karenthia is a coach with experience helping companies and organizations, focusing on improving efficiency and effectiveness through various strategies, workshops, discussions and seminars.

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Dominique Brightmon

Dominique is a leadership-focused coach, looking for his clients to own and share their stories. He has also written a few books and is the host of the Going North podcast.

If you want to know more about Dominique, check out his profile.



Misti Burmeister

Misti says of herself that she is a facilitator of growth. She highlights her ability to reflect on situations and find out what is blocking access to success, turning problems into opportunities for progress.

If you want to know more about Misti, check out her


Darlene Cook

Darlene is a career coach with over 15 years of business experience who focuses on helping her clients manage their careers without dying trying.

Learn more about her on her LinkedIn profile.




John Frisch

John is a coach who focuses on executive leadership and is a leadership development consultant. His clients are individuals, companies and organizations looking to grow their leadership and increase their potential. He also shares his knowledge through speaking engagements and workshops in organizations and companies.

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Betty Hall Addison

With over 40 years of experience, Betty is a coach who facilitates her clients in achieving their goals. She is a positive and fun person, as well as passionate about helping people find their purpose, passion and career through tools such as business and leadership coaching and workshops.

She has different plans to offer you; learn more about them on Betty’s profile


Karen Hammer

Karen has over 26 years in career coaching, where she has helped thousands of clients. She focuses on one-on-one coaching to ensure that each person achieves their goals and navigates all the pitfalls of their work life.

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Anne Hilb

Anne is a coach with multiple degrees, certifications and years of experience in her work. She focuses on working with people at the top to hold their hands and build community in their organizations to create healthy environments and achieve success.

She has multiple packages to offer. Connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more!


Dr. Dravon James

Dr. Dravon is a life coach who helps organizations and businesses through engagement, leadership and teamwork. She believes that achieving peace in the workplace is the key to success. She is also the host of the Every Day Peace podcast.

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Melvin M. Malaka

Melvin is a terrific executive coach and leader. He focuses on building relationships and bridges between himself and his clients to improve performance and sales, utilizing his marketing and financial management skills. His main areas of work are in corporate and medical organizations.

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Elizabeth Lilley

Elizabeth is a coach who coaches in business, career development and community. She has over 30 years of experience and seeks to bring to her clients the ability to access multiple perspectives and thus facilitate the possibility of growth and transformation that is not limiting.

What are you waiting for to participate in her program?


Jeff Myers

Jeff is a coach who focuses on working with individuals, teams, executives and companies. He offers one-on-one sessions to get to know his clients’ needs and find the most suitable strategies for their development. His passion is to help his clients make real progress in their lives.

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Mavalynne Orozco-Urdaneta

Mavalynne is a certified coach who focuses on problem-solving, strategic planning and team building. She seeks to work hand in hand with her clients to pursue and achieve desired goals through building strong relationships with their teams. She is also characterized by being genuine and direct, generating trust in those who work with her.

Mavalynne is the perfect one if you’re looking for an excellent coach that will take you to the next level.


Nicole K. Webb

Nicole is a coach with over 15 years of experience, being an outstanding, determined and successful leader. She currently owns her own business, where she seeks to work with her clients to empower them to take charge of their career and professional lives. Her passion is to accompany people in their self-discovery and success.

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We hope you enjoy the top coaches in Baltimore in 2022!

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