Top 15 Coaches In Winnipeg In 2021


Top 15 Coaches In Winnipeg City In 2021

The best coaches in Winnipeg is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find what we consider to be the best Coaches in Winnipeg. To find these coaches, our research begins but is not limited to searching through their social media profiles, their websites and coach’s client testimonials.

We compile this information and we want to recognize some of them who we consider are excellent in their work. Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Winnipeg in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Lisa Elliot

Lisa is a consultant, facilitator, and coach specializing in individuals or groups, focusing on executive coaching and leadership, facilitation, and developing leaders.

Visit her profile, connect with her and get ready for the rest of your life. 









Sandra Woloschuk

We could not fail to mention Sandra, after her experience and skills. She shows us that if things are done with passion, you can achieve great goals.

 Check out her LinkedIn profile.


Vera Keown

Vera is a Certified Executive Coach with over 25 years of experience mentoring her clients to grow and succeed in their careers. She believes that teams can get better if each one of its members is allowed to contribute in ways that optimize their strengths and talents. Her excellent profile is what caught our eye.


Shayne Taback

Dr. Shayne is a pediatric endocrinologist on faculty at the University of Manitoba. He’s also the Canadian Physician Support Company president, where he supports Canadian physicians to lead significant positive change. 

Do not miss out on all his excellent content online.


George Naugle

Every company has a Mission, a Vision, and Values: George specializes in creating systems that guide team members to follow them. He has a natural ability to build trust with people, so he gets to know his clients very well.

Visit George’s LinkedIn to get a closer look at how he can help you.



Heather Erhard

If you’re looking for an experienced coach to improve your emotional intelligence, leadership development, and teamwork, Heather is the one you’re searching for. She is the director of Erhard Associates, a company with many years of experience in the field.

Connect with her on Linkedin to learn more!


Louise Neil

Louise’s coaching program is designed to actively help clients worldwide obtain a change in their work lives. 

She designs and examines each situation very well to deliver successful results.



Deb Dawson-Dunn

Even when it looks like you have it all, you can feel like something is missing from your life. With Deb, you will find some ideas and resources here that will help you massage that empty spot and bring you to a place of more meaning and joy! We want to highlight her life coaching program because she significantly impacts her client’s lives.



Irene Friesen-Hughes

Irene is a professional and certified coach who has helped her clients find happiness through her years of experience. She has made an impact in their lives, taking them to achieve their goals.

Be sure to check her LinkedIn profile.



Joyce Odidison

Joyce has been the CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. for 24 years, where she has helped her clients to face challenging experiences at work. She is also the founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching, the only black-owned and directed coaching school offering up to 144 ICF-approved coaching hours.

 Make sure to check out her excellent profile.


Janice Gair

Janice’s group methodology is based on a mix of assessment, executive coaching, and online e-learning workshops. She indeed loves what she does; that’s why you cannot miss out on her Linkedin profile.




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Laura Simmons

Laura has had different types of clients, from sole entrepreneurs up to leaders in a national business. There’s one thing in common in all her coaching experiences: her style of coaching generated solutions that worked.

Contact Laura today and get your best coach yet.



Jim McLaren

Jim is a Certified Executive Coaching Graduate of the Program at Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C., with P.C.C. credentials from the International CoachFederation (I.C.F.). He also has a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Manitoba and holds a Professional Certified Coach designation with the I.C.F.

Learn more about him on his profile and keep being updated with his fantastic content. 


Patrick O’Reilly

Patrick is the president of Padraig Coaching, a consulting company recognized for transforming leaders into high-performing teammates. His style of coaching is one-to-one, which makes the process more confident. After browsing through his online content, you’ll be tempted to invest in yourself.



Dianne McCoy

Dianne has consistently been ranked as one of the top coaches in her field. Her inspiration is to help people reach their full potential and to accompany them on their adventures.

Visit her profile now to learn more.



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We hope you enjoy the top coaches in Winnipeg in 2021!


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