Fitness Marketing: 10 Online Marketing Ideas For a Gym


Fitness Marketing: 10 Online Marketing Ideas For a Gym

You can be the owner of a top-notch gym, have a star-studded lineup with a unique workout program that is able to shape even the laziest mentees, but what does it matter if no one knows about you? It is especially important to address this problem in an era of the COVID-19 pandemic, when clients are increasingly looking to move their workouts online. Below we present to you marketing ideas for a gym:

10  Gym Marketing Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Let’s find out about the best strategies for promoting your fitness business online.

Build a website

You can probably guess that every business needs its own website, and your gym is no exception. In such a situation, there is no need to create a multi-page website – it is enough to offer your potential and existing clients a platform where they can find a list of trainers and services, as well as find out what your gym looks like inside. This is why, when looking for a development team, it is much more important to agree on the presence of a blog and a design (obviously, developers must be able to create a branded interface) than to aim at building complex functionality. Here is a great example of a site that embodies everything we talked about above.

Create business profiles on popular social media

Today, if you want to attract new customers, you cannot do without advertising on social networks. Create profiles for your fitness center on popular digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook (here’s an example of an Instagram profile that can serve as a prototype for your account.). It is possible that your fitness trainers will also be able to come up with viral content for Tiktok as well. Reward them for this – after all, they are also interested in self-promotion.

Encourage your customers and subscribers to invite their friends

After you have your first clients and subscribers, you can easily arrange the growth of your audience and organize a giveaway. Come up with valuable gifts (for example, free membership to your fitness center) and, thus, motivate the subscribers of your subscribers to follow you on social media.

Collaborate with influencers

Find out the names of the most influential bloggers in the fitness market – you will need them to collaborate. You may have to fork out heavily for advertising, but in most cases, this approach pays off, providing you with hundreds, and possibly thousands of new interested subscribers.

Create contests and discounts

Besides the common giveaways, you should also consider more predictable contests. For example, you can launch a promotional challenge on Tiktok and give the winner with the most views or likes a prize. The same goes for discounts (especially limited in time) – it always acts magnetically on potential customers!

Conquer YouTube

YouTube, as practice shows, is not the easiest platform for beginners to learn – this is where the need to create truly useful and unique content affects. However, we believe that this is not a problem for the fitness center staff at all, and the main thing here is to ensure the quality of the videos (here’s an example of a YouTube channel that might inspire you.). Special software tools will help you with this. Try a free video editor online to make sure that you can handle such difficult tasks as well! 

Get started with affiliate marketing

Any marketer will tell you that affiliate marketing is extremely effective. This means that you definitely should not lose sight of this. Find out which brands from the fitness industry are interested in collaborating by contacting them directly via social media networks and discussing the terms of placement of affiliate advertising content. Note that these brands should not be your competitors – rather, they can complement or optimize your service. For example, if you are promoting the services of your gym, you might consider partnering with a company that sells sports nutrition.

Offer free useful content for different target audiences

You should understand that the vast majority of your target audience are people who have never visited a gym, so it will be ideal if you post useful content on your social media profiles, not only for advanced athletes in perfect shape but also for beginners. Along with this, experienced athletes should also find your content useful, so you also have to take care of “pumping” skills for this group of potential customers.

Plan your retargeting

Fitness marketing doesn’t end with acquiring new subscribers. It is important for you that your target audience begins to bring you real sales. That’s why you need retargeting – pushing your followers and website visitors to buy the subscription or the products you sell. This is where discounts, social media ads with catchy call-to-action, and time-limited tricks come in handy (for example, the recruitment for training with our best coach ends, there are only 5 places left). Thus, a well-planned sales funnel will increase your income in the shortest possible time.

Create a closed group for regular customers

If you plan to add a touch of “exclusivity” to your service, you should create a closed group for your regular customers (for example, in Telegram), where your best trainers would share their unique knowledge and advise members online. You can announce this group on all your social profiles to create a buzz among your subscribers and interest them in buying a long-term subscription.


As you can see, promoting your own business in the fitness industry is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, with a competent approach, after a few months of gym marketing, you will gain a large client base, significantly boost your awareness, and, of course, increase the level of income. We sincerely wish you the best in your endeavour and hope that our gym advertisement recommendations will come in handy!


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