The Secret Formula to Becoming a World-Class Pro Bodybuilder


The Secret Formula to Becoming a World-Class Pro Bodybuilder

As a kid, Amer Kamra was a natural athlete; training hard and succeeding just came naturally.

He played football and was a competitive, elite wrestler. Both sports require enormous amounts of strength, speed, endurance, and training to be the best. At the tender age of 17, he started coaching himself to become a fitness model, leading to competitive bodybuilding. At the time, he was self-taught and did all his programming, conditioning, and nutrition. Kamracoached himself to win bodybuilding competitions.

He is the youngest fitness model ever to turn pro. He was 21.

No other Canadian male in the history of Fitness and bodybuilding has been published as much as AMER KAMRA. He’s been on over a dozen magazine covers and over 500 articles and spreads, all relating to Fitness and bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a genre where if you don’t look, live, and act the part of a fitness professional; it’s often hard to get people to listen to you. Inside Fitness has published him dozens of times, Physique Magazine, The Barbell Box, and Limitless Magazine.

Yes, being anatomically and physiologically gifted plays a prominent role in developing a world-class physique, but let’s not give all the credit to Amer Kamra’s genetics.

There are other critical elements necessary to achieve this level of success.

We know that hard work and dedication are just small components of the winning formula. So how did Kamra become a pro bodybuilder in such a short time?

Forget the hype around 10,000 hours or just natural-born talent. Yes, hours of practice are necessary, and having the ability to excel needs to be present. So what is the commonality between Amer Kamra and other super-elite athletes, successful business people, and entrepreneurs? They all need to develop a high degree of self-confidence, block out distractions, manage their needs for comfort, are goal-oriented, and live a life of healthy perfectionism. They also have a mental toughness that seems to get stronger as they get closer to their goals.

Amer doesn’t dwell in the middle where most people do. He has set the bar very high for himself in all areas of his life, and the expectation of his staff, athletes, and clients is that they will meet and surpass that threshold. His self-efficacy isn’t reserved just for his sports. It spills over into every area of his life.

Regardless of where he puts his focus, AMER KAMRA has the winning formula.

He owns the wildly successful online fitness coaching company Hammer Fitness and is a motivational speaker.

As a top 100 podcaster on iTunes, The Mind Builder, he shares his unconventional and often self-deprecating views and approaches to everything from Fitness to mental health.

By sharing his strategies and approach to developing mental toughness, he has coached more amateur bodybuilders to the pro level than any other Canadian coach.

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