15 Yoga Gurus That Are Empowering The World Through Social Media

15 Yoga Gurus That Are Empowering The World Through Social Media


These yoga gurus have spent years mastering their craft and have now taken their talents to social media to educate and empower the world on the benefits of yoga. Remember, when you dedicate yourself to something, you become a different being entirely.

#15 Heidi Kristoffer

Having an intense injury of the spine and recovering through yoga without any surgery has made Heidi a true believer of yogic healing powers. Aside from inspiring her followers about the benefits of using yoga to heal and strengthen the body, Heidi also spreads awareness about healthy eating and healthy living.


#14 Sri Dharma Mittra

For his humility and kindness, Sri is considered as the most beloved Master of Yoga. He is a teacher who has practiced almost every style of  yoga specially traditional yoga techniques. Through his marvelous ways of teaching, he has inspired many. His center known as Dharma Yoga Center is situated in New York.

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#13 Tim Feldmann

Tim is considered as one of the best yoga teachers with a humorous tone and happy demeanor. He started practicing yoga after a tragic accident and cured himself out of that situation. Today,  Tim is on the journey of inspiring and curing others through yoga.


#12 Ashley Turner

Ashley is a sought after presenter in international events about yoga, inspiration and wellness. She uses both the Vinyasa style of yoga with yoga psychology and philosophy and provides workshops along with DVD lectures!


#11 Kia Miller

Kia is considered as a devoted Yogini. She was taught by many famous teachers from India, Europe and US. Currently, Kia is spreading the message of the interconnection between mind, body and spirit. Her teaching style is extracted from multiple styles of yoga.

#10 Baron Baptiste

Baron with his experience of 25 years of practicing yoga, has bettered the lives of millions of people to date. He spreads his yoga teachings through workshops, online classes and different kinds of courses. He is committed to make life of fellow humans better with Yoga.



#9 Seane Corn

Seane is an internationally renowned yoga teacher who has a unique style of teaching. She combines both the physical and mystical aspects of practicing yoga and makes her students fall in love with this traditional art.

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#8 Elena Brower

Elena is inspired by traditional forms of yoga from different parts of the world. She inspires her students to achieve inner peace through the practices of yoga. She is also a speaker and an author. Her book, “Art of Attention” is considered a masterpiece by many.

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#7 Noah Maze

Noah has studied and mastered multiple styles of yoga from many famous teachers and gurus. He inspires his students to take a deep journey into their mind, heart and soul and experience spirituality like never before.

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#6 Jason Crandell

Jason is one of the few teachers today who is shaping the future of yoga. His unique ways of teaching and focusing on anatomical precision, mindfulness and critical thinking will not only help you practice yoga more effectively, but also initiate self-inquiry within yourself.

#5 Baba Ramdev

Baba is a famous Indian yoga teacher who practices traditional yoga techniques and is teaching these techniques all around the world. Baba is commonly referred as a yoga Guru. He has also contributed in Ayurveda and agriculture in India.

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#4 Patrick Beach

A renowned teacher of Vinyasa yoga, which is a fluid type of yoga creating flexibility and flow into the body. Patrick travels around the world and gives yoga training and modules by spreading awareness of the mind and body with spiritual experiences and inner enlightenment.


#3 Kathryn Budig

“Aim true,” these are the words Kathryn lives by and spreads to millions around the world. She uses humor in her writings and inspires her followers through yoga. Kathryn is an internationally recognized and respected yoga teacher and author.


#2 Tiffany Cruikshank

As a health and wellness expert, Tiffany started her yoga career from her teenage years and became immensely successful soon after. Her work has been featured in many fitness and yoga magazines. Her yoga style applies the eastern and western mix of medicine to yoga in a unique yet relevant way.


#1 Kino MacGregor

An international yoga teacher with expertise in both the traditional yoga practices of India and modern yoga techniques too. She blends both these teachings and provides a unique and effective style for her followers. Kino is also a certified Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.

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