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How to Be More Productive at Business Communication While Saving Money


How to Be More Productive at Business Communication While Saving Money

Business communication is generally defined as the process of exchanging information (even the kind not necessarily related to work) within and outside a company, meaning that any communication conducted related to the respective company falls under business communication. There are several tools often used to improve the quality of communication and therefore these are of immense value to the company’s growth and stability. However, some tools are adding additional expenses to the company’s budget, and the question remains whether we can find affordable ways to improve the quality while saving money. Read on, as we’ll discuss some ways to be productive and save money. 

Make group meetings a routine thing 

Holding meetings in the conference room once in a while is one of the ways to be more productive and enhance business communication within the working environment while still saving money. Such meetings essentially are there to boost morale, have discussions, gather feedback and listen to new suggestions on how to improve the working conditions and save time. There are several types of business communication, and the one we encourage with this approach is reducing the distance existing between the employees and their superiors. There have been numerous studies suggesting the positive effect such methods have on the motivation and productivity of the workforce. A basic psychological trait in humans is the innate feeling of equality. If the workforce does not feel pressure and relates to their superiors, chances are they’ll develop a moral and emotional obligation towards their jobs. Therefore, we’ll start with this simple trick, as it comes at no cost and can be effective. 

Accessing new tools and platforms 

Business communication, according to the well-accepted definition, implies the exchange of information outside of the company as well. Therefore, productive business communication with potential partners and other branches of the company abroad falls under the definition. Companies have been looking for inexpensive ways to have quality at lower rates, as such calls and messages often come with a heavy bill at the end of the month. However, several platforms are offering simple solutions to the platform. For example, one such alternative to reduce costs is the AVOXI platform, which essentially provides its customers with high-quality sound and voice technology enabling them to make calls around the world. Whether you need to have a conference call abroad or a simple SMS exchange, you can count on the quality, speed, and security the platform provides. The calls you make are routed through an IP core network to the receiving end, which is more secure and less expensive because it happens online, lowering cable costs and other expenses. The platform, on the other hand, provides a corporate SMS solution, which converts SMS consumers send straight into email format, which you then get on all of your devices as an email, allowing you to act immediately and respond promptly. After that, the forwarding response is translated to SMS format and sent to the customer.

The platform also offers call recording software, a must nowadays to prevent any damage done to the company by false accusations or misinformation. Furthermore, the platform is a SIP trunking provider reducing the monthly bills, as calls abroad can cost the company a little fortune. 

Therefore, we highly recommend and encourage the usage of such tools and platforms as it allows you to be more productive, establish better communication, and all this at a lower price. 


Boding time 

Similar to the above mentioned, boding time implies conducting several little games and social events with the sole purpose of improving business communication. This essentially has the effect of creating a more open environment with less stress and pressure. Employees that are afraid of losing their jobs are known to degrade communication quality and miss critical details. As a result, ensure that everyone feels protected and motivated.

Clear instructions 

One factor influencing the dynamic of the job and the success and growth of the business is a lack of understanding of the instructions given and directed towards the workforce. Giving clear instructions daily by writing on a simple board, or highlighting the most important goals of the week are some effective yet cheap ways to be more productive and have results. Make it a routine and habit, and you’ll achieve more goals as the lack of proper instructions is linked to lower performance.  

Essentially, it all comes down to the overall motivation of the workforce, which can be influenced. By engaging more personally, and by using a well-functioning tool, such as the platform mentioned, you can improve the company’s success. 

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