Celebrating New Beginnings: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gender Reveal and Newborn Joy


Celebrating New Beginnings: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gender Reveal and Newborn Joy

The founder of the gender party is considered to be the American Jenna Karvunidis, who, back in 2008, threw a party with a colored cake and flower bouquets and shared it on the forum. The essence of the party is that in the middle of pregnancy, when the sex of the child is already known, future parents gather close friends and relatives and have fun, and at the climax, with the help of spectacular tricks, everyone present will find out whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. According to tradition, blue and light blue are responsible for a boy and pink for a girl.

What is usually given to parents of a newborn child at a gender party? If you do not know the child’s gender, then things should be as neutral colors as possible. And if the gender is known, babyflowers would be an excellent gift. Recently, babyflowers in Dubai have become very popular because many people go there to celebrate various events, including gender parties. Bouquets of flowers differ in color and symbolize the gender of the child. As a rule, people immediately buy ready-made arrangements of non-allergenic flowers, but you can also order a very delicate and childishly naive bouquet of gypsophila at https://djflowers.ae/t/gypsophila-bouquet. The advantage is that the bouquet can be assembled immediately from the color desired by gender or made double pink and blue. What can you add to a gift besides a flower bouquet?


As a pregnant woman’s belly grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to get comfortable in bed. This problem is easily solved by a special pillow for pregnant women, which follows the shape of the body and helps you find the ideal sleeping position. In the future, it can be used when feeding the baby.

Books about motherhood

A bouquet of flowers can be complemented by a book about motherhood if the expectant mother likes to read. It is very important to have the right book on hand, written by an experienced mother or psychologist. Give your friend a maternity manual with useful tips that she will turn to more than once in difficult times.

Bouquet of balloons

One of the most versatile gifts or additions to the main gift is a balloon bouquet because it can be styled for any event. You can buy pink balloons for a girl or blue ones for a boy. And for a gender party, you can make it interactive by putting a note in the balloon with the gender of the child – the parents burst the balloon and publicly announce the gender of the child.

Night lamp

Before the birth of a child, not all families buy lamps, since with age, most children cease to be afraid of the dark. But with the arrival of a child, buying a good night light becomes a priority. After all, in low light, you can even read a book at night and go to bed. Also, these lamps can be used as a cool decor for the room. A real salvation will be an LED lamp, which has several operating modes and can be controlled from a remote control.

Cotton overalls

A very beautiful gift can be made from a flower bouquet for the mom and cotton overalls for the baby. The baby can wear this overall all day long if it’s cool at home or go for a walk outside. This jumpsuit is suitable as a bottom layer for fall or winter.

First toothbrush

New mothers may not know that children should be taught to brush their teeth from the very first tooth. Therefore, every self-respecting baby should already have his brush every year. You can give a set consisting of a brush and paste and a delicate flower bouquet for your mother. But remember that since the toothbrush is quite small, the bouquet for mommy should be impressive. You can find one in the anniversary bouquets category at the DFlowers salon at https://djflowers.ae/t/anniversary-flowers. A large bouquet will delight any woman, not to mention the expectant mother. And the brush will be a compliment for the future baby.

Interactive toy

A bright talking and dancing toy is the object of dreams for many children, starting from the age when they learn to sit and hold objects in their hands. Give the expectant mother something fun for her baby that will take his mind off his mother’s hands for at least half an hour.

If you are still determining if these things will be useful to new parents, buy a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a certificate for a children’s store – the parents themselves will choose what they need.

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