Four Decorating Tips for a Brighter Rented Home


Four Decorating Tips for a Brighter Rented Home

If you’re renting your home, but looking for a way to decorate which will make your rooms seem brighter, without breaking the terms of your lease or upsetting your lessor here are some tips to help you.

Choose lighter shades in furniture

If you opt for lighter-colored furniture, this can make other shades you use stand out more, without having to resort to more outlandish colors.

Although many lessors will allow you to make reasonable changes to the decor, some may not want bright colors which they will have to change later when you move out and the new renter moves in.

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 Use lights and candles

Although as a renter, you may be able to do very little with the structures, such as lighting and other fixtures and fittings. You could still choose from a variety of different styles of floor lamps and other portable lighting options to make your home brighter and create the atmosphere you want. You can also use twinkle, mini lights, and candles strategically spread around your chosen room. If you’re worried about a lack of space and candles catching fire, you can opt for battery-operated candles instead.

Add color with rugs

Rugs are another way to brighten up your home without changing the decor. These are also relatively cheap. So, if you find the color scheme doesn’t work in your room as you imagined, you may be able to use the rug in another room and buy a replacement that works better in your selected room. They have other uses too, such as making your room feel cozier in winter, especially if you have laminated or wooden floors. They can easily be stored away in summer if your rooms get too warm.

Less is more

One mistake that people make when trying to brighten up their home is to choose bright colors for their furniture, decor, and accessories. This can make the room too bright and a bit overwhelming! Instead of choosing bright colors everywhere, select a few items which provide contrast with lighter shades everywhere else. This can achieve a better visual effect. Providing you are allowed to hang pictures; a few unique pieces of art can transform your room from plain to eye-catching.

If you choose a brighter color scheme, ensure you have lots of calmer colors to avoid going over the top. White goes with most things. For example, if you choose pink curtains in a children’s bedroom, white walls and perhaps a mix of white and paler pink furniture would work well together.

It may feel like you’re limited in the appearance of your home if you rent. However, there are ways to furnish and decorate without breaking your lease or creating permanent changes. You can make the place feel like home for as long as you live there.

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