The Hidden Value Of Travel


Often when we hear the word value, we associate it with cost. In the workplace, we spend our time creating value for our employers which is then compensated for money. The value of travel operates in a different way.

When we travel, the cycle is reversed. Our time is no longer compensate for money. Instead, our money is compensated for time. We spend money to experience things that are not available to us locally. So where does the real value of travel come from?

Be Able To Paint Your Own Perception Of The World

Don’t be afraid to travel to foreign areas. Nowadays, fear can be used to push political agenda which is why so many countries are being portrayed as “unsafe” or “dangerous” to the western world. This is unfortunate because certain countries and regions of the world that have a lot to offer with their culture and experience get overlooked. Travelling gives us an opportunity to view a country for ourselves without bias.
Variety is the spice of life.

Learn A Language Or Skill

We may have taken a language course in high school or an elective in college but that doesn’t always equate to a strong understanding. To be fully immersed in a different environment with a different culture, language, and customs has no parallel.

Every country is known for something, Switzerland has their Neutrality, Germany has its cars, Russia has their vodka. This stems from competitive/comparative advantage from centuries of development and dedication.
Be a lifelong learner.


Travelling is a unique way to learn and grow as an individual. Being in unfamiliar environments will challenge you, intrigue you, and ultimately develop you. The ability to handle adversity tests your patience and fortitude which develops you positively.
When we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, we grow


The Hidden Value of Travel


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