Safe Moving: 5 Tips For Your Things To Arrive Safe And Sound


5 Tips For Your Things To Arrive Safe And Sound

Have you ever moved house in Chicago or somewhere else and suddenly heard that one of your most beloved assets was mercilessly broken without you being able to do anything? 

If you want a safe move than must hire long distance movers. “H2H Movers” team has all the necessary experience to move all types of objects with due diligence and delicacy.

As well as, in this article we offer the following tips to protect your most fragile and valuable items from damage when moving to a new home, office or wherever:

1) Use Sturdy Boxes

Before you start packing anything, you need to consider the importance of having strong moving and storage plastic boxes available. Moving with poor boxes can leave even the best-packaged items at risk of damage. For the long-term storage of particularly valuable and fragile items, it is important to consider special reusable moving bins, to ensure that they remain in perfect condition. provides the best plastic moving boxes for storage and packing purposes. 

When assembling the boxes, it is advisable to seal the lower part of them with packing tape and make sure that it is well closed and, in turn, in the specific case of those that are going to store fragile objects. It is mandatory to install a padded base plastic on the inside bottom, with bubble wrap or foam to cushion the blows, which you will surely receive accidentally.

2) Protect the Content

When you start preparing your long distance move in Chicago or its surroundings, gather a variety of protective materials such as recycled newspapers, bubble wrap, towels or old clothes. It is best to wrap each delicate item individually so that the fluffy protection acts as a barrier.

Additionally, items that can be easily scratched should first be wrapped in a soft cloth (such as several paper napkins or soft rags) and then packaged with the protective material mentioned above as double armor.

3) Freeze Content

It is vitally important to ensure that there are no empty spaces or isolated holes inside the boxes that cause the contents to “dance” from one side to the other.

To fit the content, you can fill the cavities with packing peanuts, paper, or even with clothing or some leftover textile material. The important thing is that each item is immobilized and does not move during the transfer.

Before you seal the box at the top with a healthy dose of packing tape, add extra cushioning material, like an old towel or sheet, to increase the cushioning of the box. This measure will increase the security of the content and save us unnecessary scares.

4) Label Each Box

It saves a lot of time and frustration to label or tag each box with its specific contents, particularly those containing fragile material.

A simple, highly visible text “Fragile” will alert people who handle that box and we will make sure they are aware that it requires special treatment.

It does not hurt to add to this notification the specific type of content that it carries, such as: “Fragile: crystal glasses”. This apparently simple measurement helps to know how to move that box.

Likewise, it helps to manage whether that material should be kept in a controlled room temperature, avoiding extreme cold or heat, such as electronic material or food.

5) Hire Removal Professionals In Chicago

If you hire a good team of professionals long distance movers, you will have the peace of mind that all your fragile and delicate belongings will be handled with due care and will arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Also, remember that a good professional removal and delivery team can do the packaging for you, as is our case, so we are 100% responsible for the integrity of its content.

Conversely, no serious professional team will be fully responsible for ensuring that fragile material arrives correctly at its destination, unless gross and obvious negligence or carelessness is committed.

Although it is less economical, it is really worth leaving the entire process in the hands of transport and long distance movers professionals, from packing to unpacking, unless you know how to do it perfectly and only require the team to move your belongings.

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