Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers Who Have Taken Control Of Their Lives

Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers Who Have Taken Control Of Their Lives


These lifestyle bloggers have turned their lives around. Instead of taking the commonly traveled route, they did it their way and now live life on their own terms. Their blogs will empower you to do the same. 

#10 Maria Vlezko

Maria is the mastermind behind the amazing blog, Crashing Red.

Her blog really covers all aspects of lifestyle including: travel, fashion and style, do it yourself, and much more!

She is currently residing in Sydney Australia. If you want to see what she is up to, follow her Instagram.

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#9 Cheri

Ms. Critique is a world famous blog that is here to serve you with travelling, food, style, beauty and so much more.

What’s so unique about the blog is the “Hot Tip” element. With each blog, Cheri gives you a quick takeaway for you!


#8 Natasha

“Simple Ways to Inspire Your Everyday” – the first words that you will read on her blog truly show the message that Natasha is trying to convey.

Natasha believes that if you take of yourself, life will take care of you. Her blog is full of information that will help you take better care of yourself, become more creative, and live simply.


#7 Stephanie

Natasha is a lifestyle blogger who is here to help you succeed in endless categories! Her blogs range from fitness all the way to shopping.

Stephanie is a special kind of individual who has dedicated her life to the betterment of others and her blog is a prime example of this!


#6 Colin Wright

Exiles, the name of the blog that started it all for Colin. Colin’s unique style of blogging has brought him great success.

Every two weeks, Exiles sends out an email publication with five essays (usually) with a generally narrative tone to them!

Colin is a lifestyle blogged who dives deep into the “why” we do what we choose to take action on.

#5 Mallory Ervin

Mallory is a unique person! Having competed in the Amazing Race 3 times, she definitely understands the world differently than your average traveller.

What’s even cooler is that Mallory’s blog covers far more than just travel. She dives into the world of glam, fashion and shopping!


#4 Hannah Crosskey

“Turning your passion into a fulltime role is challenging but also extremely rewarding.”

These are the words any newcomer considering blogging should truly understand.

Hannah has been able to take her passion for fashion and create it into something special and valuable to her readers.


#3 Amelia Liana

Ameila is your go-to blog for fashion, travel, beauty and even recipes! Her lifestyle is a mix of elegance and simplicity merged together.

We really enjoyed her blog titled “Visualising Your Goals.” We suggest you give it a read right now!

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#2 Marianna Hewitt

Marianna is the kind of blogger who travels to another area in the world and fully immerses herself in the culture and customs of that society.

By doing so she has been able to get a deeper understand in the real beauty behind every culture. When you begin to read Marianna’s blog posts, you will notice how this understanding radiates through her writings.


#1 Victoria

With a PHD in Fashion, Victoria has successfully been able to transition her talents from the classroom into the online world!

Her blog is filled with information regarding fashion, beauty, life, food, travel and even the news! So whether you are wanting to hear some of her reflections or looking for advice, Victoria is here to assist you!

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