What the Future of LinkedIn Will Be In 2020


What the Future of LinkedIn Will Be In 2020

(Personal Brand Building for Influencers)

What used to simply be a “resume sharing platform” has transformed into a fully matured social network…but it’s not even close to finished. 2019 will be the year where LinkedIn’s growth explodes. This article will show you what you can expect to see and how you can take advantage of LinkedIn

Social Media Platforms Have 2 Stages:

  1. The Growth Phase
  2. The Saturation Phase

The Growth Phase occurs at the beginning of every social media platform.

  • It produces the greatest rewards for its early adopters. Users that are quick to adopt the platform in the beta stages usually see the quickest growth because they are original content creators. For Instagram and Youtube, it was creators who developed channels in 2010-2013. Many tried to replicate original channels, however, YouTube was oversaturated with too many channels by 2014. There was no room for new channels to profit because Youtube introduced advanced algorithms that hindered new users from developing their channels.

The Saturation Phase occurs when a social media platform exhibits diminishing returns for its creators. This is because there are too many creators and not enough original content.

  • We are definitely seeing this stage occur with Youtube Influencers. The original; Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk, were the first creators to obtain financial wealth by providing entrepreneurs with inspirational guidance. In 2018, the same industry became oversaturated with millions of influencers.
  • Only those creators can continue to thrive because of their original success. They became synonymous with their specific industry and developed their personal brand in the Growth Phase of Youtube.

What to Expect for 2020:

  1. LinkedIn is in its growth stages, and we’re already observing the platform change. What once used to be an article sharing platform is now a thriving social media network
  2. Video content is going to be the new medium used to nurture and educate your following. It will have the highest levels of engagement from your audience.
  3. High-quality content will trump any easy-to-make articles/videos. The days of using webcams and selfie videos are dwindling because users are expecting much more.

We hope you enjoyed this article on personal brand building for influencers. Thanks for the Influence Digest team!

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