Why Some Influencers Reach Millions & Others Reach Zero


Why Some Influencers Reach Millions & Others Reach Zero

(Personal Brand Building for Influencers)



Social Media is the best way for an influencer to grow his/her personal brand in 2018. In this article, we will discuss what the difference is between a successful and unsuccessful influencer.


The Cause and Effect Rule

Success on social media isn’t defined by luck or chance. Developing a cause and effect approach will ensure that you have the desired goal in mind.

An example of this approach can be seen in basketball.  An athlete can develop their cause to become a shooter. One should write down the skills, timeframe, and approach required. The effect would be to become the best shooter on a particular team with the highest points per game.

  • The successful influencer is focused on just one idea with the desired result in mind.
  • Unsuccessful influencers are trying to hop onto every trending idea. Their lack of direction or end goal hinders their success online and with their business.
  • When you choose a single topic or idea, you will become synonymous with that idea and rise in your industry


Whatever type of influencer you choose to be, make sure you use this approach!



We hope you enjoyed this article on personal brand building for influencers. Thanks for the Influence Digest team!

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