Top 14 Marketing Experts in Sacramento in 2024


Top 14 Marketing Experts in Sacramento in 2024

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California, located in the northern part of the state. It is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and proximity to the Sacramento River. In terms of marketing experts, Sacramento boasts a growing community of professionals skilled in various aspects of marketing. These experts leverage their knowledge in areas such as digital marketing, social media management, content creation, and traditional advertising. The city’s marketing scene benefits from its economic diversity. So, without further delay, here are The Top 14 Marketing Experts in Sacramento that you can contact right now:


Barry Kunst

Barry has offered direction to international corporations, mid-stage enterprises, and emerging start-ups in the domain of brand development. His professional background features leadership roles within some of the technology industry’s most influential organizations.
Notable among his skills are strategic planning, expertise in social media strategy, proficiency in product launch strategy, and a diverse range of competencies.


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Blake Cohlan

With over 15 years of experience, Blake is a strategic thinker with a passion for storytelling. He specializes in directing and collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement measurable integrated campaigns and programs. His proficiency extends to organizing and reporting on demand funnel marketing metrics.
Blake’s extensive background and strategic mindset make him a valuable asset in the realm of marketing and campaign execution.


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Daniel Dorr

Daniel presently serves as the VP of Marketing at, bringing with him a wealth of experience as a problem solver and marketing executive. His extensive background includes successfully leading marketing teams, with particular expertise in multi-channel global marketing campaigns.
He is well-versed in analytics-driven demand generation, showcasing his ability to leverage data for strategic marketing initiatives.


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Erica Dias

Currently serving as the VP of Communications & Strategic Marketing Operations at SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, Erica is a doctoral candidate in Transformational Leadership at the University of Massachusetts. With experience in private, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial enterprises, she has been a proactive leader in directing innovative initiatives.
Her areas of expertise encompass Operations, Digital Strategy, and Change Management, reflecting a comprehensive skill set developed through her academic and professional journey.


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Janice Rapp

With a focus on accelerating growth, Janice serves as the Director of Product Marketing at Cisco. Over the past decade, she has showcased her passion for building and leading cross-functional teams.
Janice’s expertise lies in building, optimizing, and scaling Product Marketing Management (PMM) teams. Her strategic approach and leadership skills have played a crucial role in contributing to the success and growth of the organizations she has been a part of.


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Jennifer Bourn

Serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at Motivations AI, Jennifer boasts a rich background of 24 years, blending skills in communications, design, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Her primary focus revolves around assisting clients in constructing robust and strategic brands through inclusive engagements that encompass brand development.
Jennifer’s leadership is instrumental in guiding businesses to establish and fortify their brand identities.


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Jesse Delgado

With over a decade of industry experience, Jesse is the Founder of Storyline Media Group and serves as a Creative Director and Digital Marketing Specialist. His expertise lies in using video, social media, and content marketing to craft compelling narratives.
Jesse’s skills encompass video production, storytelling, graphic design, and more. Demonstrating a proven track record, he has successfully led and executed marketing campaigns that have achieved remarkable success.


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Lidia Zaragoza

Leading the marketing efforts at Livly, Lidia currently holds the position of Director of Marketing. In her role at the SaaS company, she has played a key role in establishing and guiding a high-performing marketing department from its inception.
Boasting over 18 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Lidia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her current role. Her goal is to help clients optimize their performance, showcasing a dedication to excellence in the dynamic multifamily sector.


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Mary Kathryn Johnson

As the Founder of Messenger Funnels and a Podcast Host, Mary is an entrepreneurial and innovative marketing leader. She possesses a passion and a well-defined process for driving growth and success and making a positive impact on the community.
Mary’s expertise extends to Conversational A.I. Strategy, Content Creation & Curation, and Presentation & Public Speaking. Her unique blend of skills and commitment to leveraging technology underscores her ability to create meaningful connections.


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Michelle Silva

Michelle, a marketing professional with over two decades of experience, has worked extensively with publicly traded companies, mid-size enterprises, and small businesses. Her firm belief in data as the bedrock of marketing decisions drives her approach, utilizing data-driven insights to enhance strategies consistently.
Michelle’s skill set includes Content Development, Customer Personas, and Strategic Communications, showcasing a holistic proficiency in shaping and executing successful marketing initiatives.


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Monica Griffis

Currently holding the position of Director of Marketing & Communications at Sacramento Metro Chamber, Monica is an award-winning strategic marketing and communications leader. Her extensive expertise includes strategic communications, digital marketing, data analytics, project management, and graphic design.
Monica’s proven track record and diverse skill set have been pivotal in shaping and executing impactful campaigns, solidifying her as a key contributor to the success of the Sacramento Metro Chamber.


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Pavan Peketi

Pavan presently holds the role of Partner Account Manager for the Sacramento Kings, showcasing his versatility as an experienced leader. His demonstrated history includes proficiency in sponsorship management, event planning, media production, sports media, and more.
In addition to his role with the Sacramento Kings, Pavan channels his creativity through freelance design, operating under the banner of his company, PKP Creative.


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Taylor Bogar

For the past year, Taylor has served as the Head of Customer Marketing at Known for her collaborative and passionate approach to customer marketing, Taylor brings a wealth of skills to her role.
Her main competencies include event planning, teamwork, marketing campaigns, leadership, and more. Taylor’s dedication to fostering collaboration and executing impactful marketing strategies has contributed to her success.


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Traci Ward

Traci embarked on her career in media buying and planning, and her passion has always been the strategic side of marketing. With 20 years of diverse experience in branding, marketing, and advertising, Traci has made her mark across various industries, including Tourism, Retail/E-commerce, Higher Education, and more.
Currently, she holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at the California Dental Association, where her expertise contributes to the organization’s marketing success.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 14 Marketing Experts in Sacramento in 2024!

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