Top Ways to Make Your Business Space Unique


Top Ways to Make Your Business Space Unique

Your office represents a huge part of your brand’s image. The furnishing styles you choose as well as the way you utilize your space are powerful tools that you can employ to reflect your company’s unique persona. The vibes your clients and other stakeholders perceive from the moment they step into your office for the first time are probably going to stick with them for the long haul. So, you must strive for the optimum office fit-out. Early on before you officially move into your business space or if you’re planning a renovation, view it as a blank canvas where you get to use every single nook as per the image that you have in mind. Whether you intend to go solo on this mission or believe it’s best to hire an expert, a little inspiration will come in handy. Below, you will learn more about some of the top ways to make your business space unique:

Take a Look at Your Business Plan

Believe it or not, your business plan plays a role in how you create your business space. In fact, it’s going to be a common element in all the ideas to follow. Typically, a business plan will include some key information like why does your business exist and how do you want to situate in the market. Use those as guidelines to sway you toward the theme that best emphasizes the elements of your business plan. For example, if your mission statement is all about providing a state-of-the-art IT service for other businesses, then you must incorporate an element of luxury around your office. Steer clear from highly hyped interiors and focus on highlighting your business’ competitive advantage like your young and dynamic team, for instance. You’ll see for yourself how effective this technique is in simplifying the process of making your business space unique.

Customize Whenever Possible

Just like you would do in your house, customizing some pieces around your business space is a foolproof way to ensure uniqueness. Customization is not very common when fitting out a business office, especially that it adds a burden to the cost that many can’t afford. Nowadays, there are a number of companies that offer furniture customization sold at competitive prices. You can have your company logo or cartoon mascot-if you have one-printed on rugs and mats as per the team at who claim that it’s one of the best ways to promote your brand. The sky’s the limit in customization around your space. Customized mugs and stationery? Why not? They also make for excellent corporate giveaways when some of your most valued clients pay you a visit. Let your imagination run wild and sit with your team for a brainstorming session to come up with interesting customization ideas that speak volumes about your brand. 

Think Long and Hard About Colors

Don’t mindlessly go for the safe greys, blacks, and whites. Instead, explore other unconventional colors when creating your business space. Revisit your business plan one more time to get a feel of which colors you should go for. There is a whole new science behind the meanings of colors and the feelings they evoke in people. With the help of a color consultant, you’ll be able to identify your company’s colors. Share with them the relevant details from your business plan that can help them with this task. Universally, blue has an image to be the ultimate color as it conveys trust and reliability which are two important qualities for any business. However, if your logo is red, yellow, or any other color of the spectrum, you can still incorporate the color blue in your interiors by adding some touches here and there. Alternatively, you can accentuate your brand’s colors through paintings and textiles around your office which brings us to the next point.

Hang Unique Artwork

Beyond the overused framed quotes printed on some landscape images in the background, there are many types of artwork that you can hang around your office to make it stand out from the norm. Better yet, use your images that tell the story of your business. You can display different stages of your product’s development or photographs of your mothership office to show how far you’ve come. On the one hand, it will guarantee that your business space looks unique and on the other, your clients will perceive your brand as well-established.

Pay Homage to Your Hometown

This is a great way to pay tribute to your business’s origins and reaffirm your roots. If you’re worried that this will take over your business image, you can do it in subtler ways that won’t interfere with your branding. You can incorporate your city’s colors with your office’s theme or accessorize the place with the artwork of the major landmarks. While other companies can do the same, you can still imagine alternative ways to make this happen.

Involve your Employees

Ultimately, you want to create an environment that supports creativity and productivity amongst your team members. You must involve them in the process and take their inputs into account to build the optimum space for everyone. If your team’s made up mainly of young working professionals and you follow a flexible management approach, they will prefer an open shared area over isolated offices. As long as their choices don’t contradict your business’s image, then let them take the lead on how their sitting plan should look like. At the end of the day, your team makes up your office culture and is the basis of your business’ unique persona.

Making your business space unique requires a lot of creativity and willingness to invest some of your time and money to bring your vision to life. Companies today understand the importance of branding and how it eventually affects your bottom line. So, you’ll surely be able to find tons of resources that you can use to guide you throughout the process. Dare to step out of the box and experiment with new concepts. Over time, your brand will identify with celebrated terms along the line of innovation and originality.

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