5 Creative Advertising Ideas With Inflatables For Your Next OOH Advertising Campaign


5 Creative Advertising Ideas With Inflatables For Your Next OOH Advertising Campaign

Giant inflatables are among the most effective methods to gain people’s attention; you can place them to showcase your product, store, or business at all events, as they go with any occasion. 

As inflatables are customizable, you can choose their size and shape. Their ability has made them among the most practical promotional techniques to serve your marketing needs. 

Inflatables come in specific categories, such as inflatable arches, domes, replicas, etc. The most appropriate and common inflatable types are inflatable arches, which can elevate almost all occasions designs. 

Inflatables are often placed near the doorway to the ample space or buildings where you wish visitors and visitors to feel welcome. Additionally, you can customize inflatables into everything that passes through your mind, get imaginative with the shape, size, and color, and have your logo appear on it. 

Mix of Traditional And Modern Advertising

Giant inflatables could turn traditional advertising, such as radio, TV, or print advertising, into something more practical. It is not a secret that one of the most famous traditional advertising tools are billboards since they capture the attention pretty easily.

However, some innovations need to be incorporated with traditional advertising, or that can give a glimpse of it, but still, add a new feature to the advertising world. 

Ideas that include Floatie Kings’ giant inflatables for advertising are perfect for bringing out a fresh touch to traditional advertising and incorporating it further into the modern world, for instance, blimps can capture the attention with their awesomeness, uniqueness, and freshness. 

Whether you illustrate an international company, a local business, or an advertising and marketing agency, inflatables will allow your company to grow an inviting, affordable, thriving inflatable advertising plan. 

Floatie Kings has the understanding, professionalism, and ability to determine and incorporate the most practical inflatables that will boost your sales with an intelligent advertising tactic. 

Floatie Kings has made a lot of customizable inflatables, such as air dancers, tunnels, or your favorite superhero movie characters. You could go the extra mile and use item mascots and replicas for advertising your company. 

Social Media Campaigns

As we all know, social media has been one of the leading marketing tools in the past decade; thus, every company utilizes it for branding and marketing reasons. Advertising inflatables are an outstanding addition to social media marketing tools since you can make photos and edits that include your giant inflatables to produce memorable and engaging posts.

For instance, if your company’s product is coffee, you can use an inflatable air dancer drinking coffee in the kitchen, encouraging everyone to get out of bed in the morning.  

Showcasing Your Product

Billboard advertisements are typically costly, and covering them requires much effort. TV, radio, and newspaper ads could even have double their prices. Interestingly, the mentioned advertising methods need to be updated even with that much money in circulation. 

Interestingly, here is where custom inflatables come to the rescue because they cost a lot less, 90% to be exact, and are far more effective. Inflatables have higher chances of providing visibility for your companies.

You can utilize custom inflatables for numerous occasions and locations to spread the word about your business. Additionally, you can reuse inflatables for advertisement techniques multiple times, even years later. 


In addition to everything else mentioned above, inflatables can significantly impact brand recognition. Putting inflatables in front of your brand will gain potential consumers passing by to look at them; thus, lots of eyes will be laid on your company’s overall picture.

Inflatables are mobile as you can place them in numerous locations, unlike billboards, which can only be hung or on the ground.

You can move your inflatable from one place to another or replace it with another customizable one to bring innovations to your company’s branding. We need to stress more how affordable inflatables are as marketing tools because buying them is much less costly than installing a billboard. 


Giant inflatable replicas suggest a huge physical representation of your packaging or item. You could think of any product, and Floatie Kings will customize an inflatable for it, such as inflatable cans, bottles, packaging, food items, cars, phones, and many more products that can come to your mind. 

Customizable replica inflatables are a creative solution for showcasing your item or product. They can grasp attention from all social media networks, including Instagram and Facebook. 

There is no superior method in the advertising sphere to replicate your product shape, so it comes across as mobile and precise. 

Replica inflatable advertising is perfect because it can match your imagination with its design, and aside from the latter, they are affordable, lightweight, and versatile. 

Replica inflatable advertising is a perfect modern solution since those item shapes catch the eye, can quickly move, and are outstanding. 

Inflatables are one of the most affordable and effective advertising tools; many businesses take advantage of them. They are perfect for advertising your item and service in numerous ways. This blog provided five creative ideas with inflatables for your upcoming out-of-house advertising event.

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