Why Is Success So Intoxicating? Robert Greene Has The Answer


Success is the greatest gift and curse to ever affect this world

Achieving it after consistent hard work is a beautiful thing. However, success can also be the most intoxicating thing to ever exist.

When we win in life, we feel proud, we feel as if we know everything… but we don’t. History has shown us time and time again that success can kill logic and inflate our egos – all of which can lead to an even greater demise.

Success Is Intoxicating

Let’s look at a prime example of this…

Antoine Walker was a former NBA star who earned over 108 million dollars throughout his career. He ended up declaring bankruptcy in 2010, which was just 2 years after his retirement.

When Walker entered the NBA at the young age of 18 from a poor Chicago neighbourhood, he was given his first million dollars. Walker then turned that money and put it towards an “expensive lifestyle” that was filled with cars, jewelry, and homes.

Walker let it consume him and eventually take away everything he ever earned.

As Robert Greene once stated, “power and success have their own rhythms and patterns.”

Success Is Intoxicating

Those who win in life are those who control the patterns and are able to keep others off balance. As a result of this, comes success.

It can inhibit your ability to control what comes next.

A commonly believed misconception is that you owe your success to the patterns and decisions you have created in the past. As a result, you try to replicate them again to regain the same result.

Ironically, the next situation may demand different expectations of you.

It is up to you to maintain your logic during successful periods.

If done so correctly, success will continue to repeat itself.

Next time you achieve success, remind yourself these four things:

  1. Consistency is what got you this far
  2. Your next task is going to demand different requirements of you
  3. Do not let success inflate your ego, emotions can easily overpower logic
  4. Give yourself time to reflect on your victories and begin to determine the next course of action

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