When to Deploy Custom Inflatables in Your Marketing Strategy


When to Deploy Custom Inflatables in Your Marketing Strategy

It can be challenging to get people to pay attention because of the many distractions that are present in today’s world. People are constantly bombarded with information from a variety of sources, including television, the internet, and social media. This can make it difficult to get people to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. Additionally, people are often more interested in things that are entertaining or that provide them with immediate gratification. This can make it difficult to get people to pay attention to things that are important but that may not be as immediately rewarding.

This is why marketing and brand managers always have a hard time coming up with advertising strategies to increase their visibility in the market. Whether you want to increase sales, promote a special offer, or introduce a new product, you need to get your services noticed by potential customers. If they don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist. So they are thinking out of the box and looking for new ways to draw new customers.

One out-of-the-box marketing tool that is gaining popularity is the use of custom inflatables in marketing strategies. These large balloons provide a one-of-a-kind way to make your brand stand out from the competition. If you are looking for a way to attract new customers, you should consider using inflatable advertising in your marketing strategies. This guide will discuss when and how to use custom inflatables in your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

When to Deploy Custom Inflatables

Custom inflatables fit seamlessly into a wide range of settings. You can use them as part of your trade show booths, advertising campaigns, in-store ads, and even online promotion. Including Custom Inflatables’ giant advertising inflatables can bring a wow factor to your marketing strategies and improve your chances of attracting new customers. 

You should use custom inflatables when you want to:

When You Want to Enhance Visibility and Brand Recognition

One of the most important reasons why more and more marketing professionals are including custom inflatables in their marketing strategies is due to their ability to draw attention to themselves.They have the inherent ability to dominate the visual landscape. Simply put, they are hard to miss. If you walk into an event that features a giant inflatable structure, it will most likely be the first thing you notice about them. This makes them a great place to put your brand’s logo, product, or mascot.  

They offer brand visibility to your company. Trade fair attendees will be exposed to your branded inflatables and become familiar with the company’s brand element. This will make it more likely that they will remember your brand and engage with it in the future when they see it again.

When You Need a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Every marketing strategy begins with a budget. The budget may be tight, so the marketing manager must make do with whatever the brand approves. Custom inflatables are a cost-effective solution that provides a great return on investment.

Here is why: traditional marketing strategies may require ongoing costs for space and media placement. You may also need to design, print, and install new props for every marketing campaign. In contrast, custom inflatables are a one-time expense that can yield long-term benefits. You only need to acquire them, then they can be used repeatedly for various campaigns and events. 

Additionally, custom inflatables are lightweight, portable, and simple to set up. This reduces the logistical and labor costs that come with large-scale advertising efforts. You can move your inflatable from one location to another without the need for a large number of people or specialized equipment. This allows you to modify your marketing strategy as needed without incurring significant additional costs. For instance, if you place your inflatable arch at the front of the event, and later find out that the entrance has been changed to the back, you can easily move it without any trouble.

When You Need to Create a Fun and Engaging Experience

Custom inflatables can inject fun and excitement into your marketing strategy. Their sheer size and visually captivating appearance immediately captures attention and piques the curiosity of guests. This sets a positive and playful tone for the event. For example, the movement of dancing inflatables, blow out advertising, and moving mascots can entertain the guests and keep them active at events.

Marketing managers can also use them to tell the brand story in a creative and interactive way. For instance, they can use a series of inflatables placed strategically at different locations at the event to narrate the brand’s journey, values, or even the features of their new product. This kind of engaging approach will pique the audience’s imagination, keep them focused on the story, and encourage them to explore your brand narrative.

In Conclusion

Inflatable advertising can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. It is the type of guerrilla marketing that can catch people off guard, leave a lasting impression, and encourage them to sign up with your brand.

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