Why Blogs Are An Important Component Of Digital Marketing

Why Blogs Are An Important Component Of Digital Marketing


Why Blogs Are An Important Component Of Digital Marketing

What marketing tools do you use for marketing your brand, product, and services? We doubt any of you will say Blogs.

Most marketers see blogs as a piece of information. Well, to some extent, that is correct. However, we believe that blogs are the most effective marketing tool for your business. 

Blogs are a great source of information, promote brand awareness, and are one of the greatest generators of ROIs for businesses. This is why businesses are now focusing their effort on digital marketing tactics.

When you blog, you let your customers have a big scoop about your products and business as a whole. The more your consumers and customers know about your brand and business, the better your chances of increasing sales.

The benefits don’t stop there. Today, we will exclusively talk about Blogs and their importance for businesses.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is an individual web page on the website that dives into topics and offers information to visitors. To put it simply, a blog is a piece of information that you share with your audiences.

Blog posts tie your brand and help you rank higher on the search engine result page. To better understand how blogs work, here is an example for you.

Let’s say you have a technology-related website. You talk about different technology and new gadgets. The most recent blog you have written is about Best Laptop Under $500. 

Now, if people are looking for laptops, your blog might rank for the following keyword:

  • Laptop.
  • Best Laptop.
  • Best Laptop Under $500.

When someone searches for these keywords, the chances are that your blog will be shown as a result on the top pages. This is because the user can click the blog, read the post, and know the relevant information they are looking for.

That’s how a blog adds value to a business.

The Purpose Of A Blog

The purpose of the blog is to provide relevant content on your business website. The blogs are answers to the queries your audiences have. By offering relevant information and solutions to the audiences, your brand expands its visibility on search engines.

What is the first thing that comes into the discussion when you talk about expanding your business? We can assure you it’s expanding online presence by improving search engine rankings. 

This can only be achieved by publishing high-quality content on your website. In addition to just giving information, you need to ensure that your blogs contribute to the content marketing strategy. The reputation management tool for ecommerce, blogs serve as an authoritative source of information and a means to engage with potential customers. Blogging is important for e-commerce as it helps in building brand reputation, reaching a wider audience, and establishing trust.

According to statistics, the average website that has a blog earn – 

  • 97% more inbound links.
  • 55% more visitors.
  • 400% more indexed pages.

A blog ensures that your content remains fresh. What’s more, you get the opportunity to create more high-quality content around the ranking blogs and relevant keywords.

It is important to know that a good blog article offers a compounding effect. It attracts new visitors to the website, which increases the traffic. When search engines find a particular blog receiving increased traffic, it pushes the blog for high ranking.

And the compounding loops continue.

Why Is Blogging An Important Component Of Digital Marketing?

As a marketer, you must be at the top of the trends and adjust to the ever-changing marketing landscape. The one part of marketing that has been constant for the last couple of decades but has changed in the past few years is Blogging.

Blogging is an essential element of digital marketing that helps businesses gain new traffic to the businesses. While blogging has been in the market for many years, people think about whether or not it stands relevant,

If you are thinking about whether or not blogging is important for your business, we have prepared a list with the help of Digitrio. This might shed some light and answer your question.

1. Drive Traffic

Raise your hand; who wants more visitors? That’s hardly a question. Every business wants visitors to its website. The more, the better.

Now think about the different methods visitors can use to land your business website or landing page. 

The first scenario where audiences can visit your website is by directly using your name to search on search engines. Now, this method will only work for audiences who already know about your brand and business.

The second method you can use is email marketing. You can pay to get a long list of emails. Then mailing them with attractive offers with the hope that some will be converted. However, here is what we think. This is an illegal practice and costs a lot of money.

Finally, you can run paid ad campaigns. This might not be illegal, but certainly expensive. The second you run out of money, you will stop getting traffic to your website.

So, what is the best method to attract traffic effectively? It’s Blogs. You can publish high-quality blogs on your website, optimize them for the search engine and make them perform on top SERPs. 

2. Convert Traffic Into Leads

Once you start publishing high-quality blog articles on your website, you will experience a surge of traffic on your website. Now that you have traffic on your website, you have the opportunity to convert that website’s traffic into leads.

Like every blog you write is a new indexed page, it gives you new opportunities to generate new leads and potential paying customers for your business.

The way this lead generation works is simple. While you are creating a blog post, you can add lead-generating call-to-action buttons. These buttons will help divert your traffic to product pages.

To be clear, everyone knows about how traffic-to-lead generation works. So here is the working process.

  • Visitors come to the website.
  • Visitors see a call to action button for a free offer.
  • Visitors click the CTA, get to the landing page, and ask for the information.
  • Visitors fill out the form, submit information, and get their free offer.

3. Drive Long Term Results

The success of blogs comes from long-term results. And these long-term results come from answering the common questions of readers and customers.

If you consistently create and publish high-quality blog articles that solve readers’ problems, you will be able to establish yourself as a leader or someone with authority in the industry.

Just think about how much value your blog article will add to your customers’ lives when your educational blogs clear confusion related to products.

You must understand that ‘Establishing Authority’ is not something that can be measured like traffic or sales, but it’s pretty powerful stuff.

4. Share Company News To The Audiences

Blogs are not only for sharing information with the audiences. It also acts as a medium to share your company’s vision, stories, and values. Customers want to connect with a brand, not because of their products or services but because their values match with brands.

If you can project your values, mission, and goals, you will be able to onboard some quality consumers for your business. In addition, you can share everything related to your business.

For instance,

  • You have achieved a new milestone; share it with your audiences.
  • Interview a marketing professional, and post it on your blog.
  • Hosting local fairs and trends, invite your audiences to join.

Sharing your company’s information and what you plan to do in the future humanizes your brand and helps audiences see what you are offering and how it can help them.

In addition, it maintains a certain level of transparency between the business and its customers. As a result, people feel more close to your business. This creates an environment where your customers will feel themselves a part of your business and will stay loyal to your brand.

5. Helps With Networking

Inbound links and backlinks are among the 200 factors the Google algorithm considers while ranking web pages. Many experts and market leaders believe that creating backlinks is the third most important factor in ranking SERPs.

Although generating backlinks is important for online presence, 44% of marketers say it is one of the most difficult parts of SEO.

But, here is a trick you can use. When creating high-quality blog articles for your readers, ensure that you are creating a blog that stays relevant to the market leaders as well. It will help you get relevant links.

Creating backlinks from authoritative websites acts as a vote of confidence. This also raises a green flag for search engines. Another benefit of creating backlinks is that it boosts your Domain Authority and improves discoverability.

Start Blogging!

With the upward movement of digital advertisements and marketing today, having a website is not enough. You need something more than that – something informational and offering a solution.

One way of doing that is by publishing high-quality articles on your website. Blogs assist businesses with brand awareness, entice customers, and convert visitors to sales.

Today, we discussed blogs and the benefits it brings to the business. And after knowing this, you are undoubtedly itching to get started. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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