15 Amazing Hostels Around the World You Should Know


15 Amazing Hostels Around the World You Should Know

Travel is one of the most amazing things in life. Knowing new cultures, gastronomy, architecture, customs, and everything unique makes humanity amazing. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find 15 amazing hostels around the world, so take paper and pencil for planning your next travel adventure. 

Casa en el agua, Colombia

La casa en el agua is located in the Colombian Caribbean and looks like something out of a fantasy story. It is surrounded by pure turquoise and magic.

Check out it’s Instagram profile here.


Secret Garden Hostel, Ecuador

This hostel with a beautiful view is located in Quito, Ecuador. They offer international cuisine and services such as super-fast wifi, Unlimited free baggage storage and hot water.

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Chili Kiwi Hostel, Chile

This hostel is located in Pucon, the adventure capital of Chile. You will find excellent and well-equipped common areas, including kitchens and bathrooms.

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The Beehive Hostel, Rome, Italy

The beehive hostel is located in Rome and offers shared and private rooms. Its founders are Linda Martinez and Steve Brenner and define themselves as social justice activists and vegetarians.

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The Aydinli Cave Hotel, Turkey

This guesthouse is located in the semi-region of Cappadocia in Turkey, and its architecture is worthy of its location. Stone walls and an atmosphere as unique, as you can imagine.

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Castle Rock Hostel, Edimburgh

The Castle Rock Hostel is located just below Edinburgh Palace and has a main lounge that will catch anyone’s eye. Some other rooms in the common area are unique, like the groove lounge, where you can show off your musical skills.

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Home Lisbon Hostel, Portgual

This hostel, located in Lisbon, opened its doors in 2006. Here the possibility of making friends is infinite, and their Mamma’s dinners are famous.

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 Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels, Israel

Fauzi Azar Hostel is part of a chain of Hostels called Abraham Hostels which has locations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and Nazareth.

This hostel looks like a fairytale, just check out their Instagram profile.




Costeño Beach Hostel

Costeño Beach Hostel is located between the ocean and the jungle on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The hostel is only an hour’s drive from the colonial city of Santa Marta and 5 km from the world-famous Tayrona National Park.

Their Instagram profile is as cool as their installations.



KEX Hostel, Iceland

KEX is located in what was once a cookie factory in Reykjavik and furnished with reclaimed materials and found objects from various locations. KEX is an organic concept that combines a vintage industrial feel with an eclectic, contemporary touch.

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Caveland Hostel, Santorini

At Caveland Hostel Santorini, you can have a great sleeping experience in caves. The hostel also has adorable dogs and offers private and shared rooms.

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Kabul Hostel Barcelona

Kabul is not really a hostel for sleeping but for partying. Its parties are considered the best in Barcelona.

If you want to know more about them, just chek out their Instagram profile.



The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

The Flying Pig Beach Hostel was opened 21 years ago and has a Caribbean-inspired bar, fun-themed dorms and luxury bathrooms. It also has a well-equipped shared kitchen.

Their Instagram profile is as colourful as their place.



City Backpackers Stockholm

It has been voted as the number 1 hostel in Stockholm and number 5 in the world. They offer shared and private rooms and have a lot of services such as laundry, free games, free pasta and beer discounts.

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Milhouse Hostel

Milhouse Hostel offers quality and cheap accommodation in modern facilities. They have private and shared rooms, free wifi, air conditioning, lockers, safety box and a delicious and inexpensive cafeteria.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed 15 Amazing Hostels Around the World You Should Know!

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