15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada You Should Know



15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada You Should Know

15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada is a list to compile with so many fabulous foodies and food bloggers in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find them and give you a list of options to explore.

Without any further delay, here are the 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada You Should Know:


In this account, you will find trucks and small restaurants for elegant dinners. They’re located in Toronto and you can follow them here.




Bolton’s Bites is a food blogger that covers not only covers the Toronto food and restaurant scene, but restaurants across Ontario too. Featuring mostly delcious, savoury food from Fried Chicken Sandwiches to Pho, he documents it all with in-depth captions, drool worthy feed posts, and a YouTube food reviews channel as well. Follow his Instagram account here



You will find all kinds of food in their profile: from salty and spicy to very, very sweet. They are located in Toronto, and you can see their Instagram account here.




As its name says, they are a Vancouver foodie site that scours the city searching for the most delicious dishes. You can follow them here.



Cfooodie finds the best dishes between Toronto and Markham. In her profile, you can find very provocative images of places you won’t be able to resist visiting. Follow her here.





Yes, we felt hungry looking at her photos too. But since we’re not selfish, we want to share her account with you so you can also crave the meals this Manitoba-based foodie puts out. Here is her profile.




She is a food blogger from Calgary who shares with her followers through posts and stories, places, food and drinks from her city (and a few other locations). Don’t miss any of her content; follow her on Instagram.





With this foodie, you will not only feed your phone, but you will also feed your desire to eat something right now. His content is, literally, delicious. Follow him on his Instagram profile.







Have you been looking for recommendations of all kinds for a long time? On this page, you will find savoury and sweet (lovely and provocative) meals. You won’t be able to resist following them; this is their Instagram.




Craving lunch or dessert? You can find the greatest recommendations on her profile. Randomly choose one of her publications to pick a place to go; any of them will be a delicious option. Here is her Instagram profile.




Whether you live in Toronto or travel through the city, this foodie’s profile is perfect for finding a place to go. Toronto’s tastiest food in one account; find her Instagram profile here.



Winnipeg Eats is managed by a couple who love food and destinations. That’s why they also share some places in Winnipeg and beyond. What are you waiting for to follow them on Instagram?




If you thought that paradise on earth didn’t exist, here it is: it’s an Instagram profile called BurgersTO, where you can find the best burgers Toronto has to offer; follow them on Instagram.



You’ll find the best meals in Toronto in Taste the Six publications. Their profile is quite colourful due to the variety of recommendations they post. Don’t miss any of them; check them all out on their profile.




In this profile created by Danielle Finestone, you will find different recommendations around Toronto to inspire your next meal. In addition, ToFoodies has a website and a YouTube channel. Are you not following her on Instagram? You should do it now.


We hope you enjoy the 15 Instagram Foodies Accounts in Canada You Should Know!

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