The Best 15 Food Photographers in Los Angeles


Food Photographers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its vibrant food scene, and the talented food photographers based in the city capture this energy and creativity through their work. From stunning still-life compositions to mouth-watering shots of delicious dishes, as food photographers, they know how to make food look absolutely irresistible. In this list, we’ve gathered the 15 best of them in Los Angeles, each with their own unique style and approach to capturing the beauty and artistry of food.

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Skyler Burt

An award-winning photographer and director based in Los Angeles, Skyler Burt has over 12 years of experience shooting, directing, and editing projects for world-class clients.

His work has also taken him all over the globe, his work is known for its attention to detail, color, and composition. Whether he’s shooting for a restaurant, magazine, or cookbook, Skyler’s images are always stunning and highly sought-after.



Daniela GersonĀ 

Next among the top food photographers, she is a creative director, food stylist, and recipe developer, Daniela Gerson began her career as a chef and has a passion for sourcing colorful produce from local markets.

Her images emphasize the natural beauty of real food, and her studio is filled with a stunning array of props to enhance her work.


Jennifer Chong

She began her creative journey as a designer and art director before transitioning to photography. She now spends her time capturing beautiful images that tell stories around food, still life, and travel.

Her work is known for its clean, bright aesthetic and use of natural light, and she has worked with a wide range of clients in the food and beverage industry. With a passion for exploring new cultures and cuisines, Jennifer Chong’s images inspire wanderlust and a love of good food.



Victoria Wall Harris

She has been a photographer in Los Angeles since 2012, with a focus on lifestyle, product, travel, hospitality, portraiture, and food and drink. Her images capture the essence of Los Angeles culture and lifestyle, and she has a talent for capturing the connection between food and the people who enjoy it.

In her work, Victoria Wall Harris combines her love for lifestyle photography with her passion for food, showcasing the ways in which food brings friends and family together



Joe Schmelzer

He has built a stellar reputation in a range of specialties, including hotel, food, environmental, and celebrity portraiture. His images capture the essence of his subjects, whether it’s the vibrant colors and textures of a dish or the personality of a celebrity.

With over 20 years of experience, Joe Schmelzer is highly skilled in his craft and known for his ability to create stunning images that are both visually striking and emotionally evocative.





Lew Robertson

He is a specialist in food and beverage, and his ability to capture the movement of liquids is particularly impressive. With over 25 years of experience, he is highly skilled in capturing the beauty and essence of food and drink.

His work as one of the best food photographers is known for its vivid colors and dynamic composition. In addition to his photography work, Lew Robertson is also an experienced director and videographer.


Lindsay Kreighbaum

A photographer and stop-motion artist, Lindsay Kreighbaum specializes in creative food and product photography with a focus on partnering with brands and businesses that prioritize doing good for the world, whether that be sustainable practices, cruelty and animal-free products, or charitable giving.

Her expertise in stop-motion animation adds a unique element to her photography, bringing her subjects to life in a captivating way.













Crystal Cartier

Known for her opulent and luxurious approach to capturing dishes. With a focus on composition, texture, and color, Crystal’s images are rich and sumptuous, creating a sense of decadence and indulgence.

Her stunning and lustrous images of both savory and sweet dishes are almost instantly hunger-inducing













Teri Lyn Fisher

She is a specialist in advertising, cookbooks, and drink and beverage photography. With a focus on creating clean, beautiful images that showcase the essence of the food and drink, Teri’s images are bright, fresh, and full of life.

She is also very skilled at capturing the essence of ingredients. When you look at her images, they are both visually stunning and informative, creating a sense of connection.













Tatijana Vasily

She creates picture-perfect and colorful photos that bring food to life. With a focus on capturing the essence of each dish, The images taken by Tatijana Vasily are fun, pleasing, and full of energy.

Her ability to use color and light in her photography creates a sense of vibrancy and excitement, making her images a feast for the eyes.



















Dana Hursey

He is an expert in advertising photography. He handles all aspects of the photography process, from brainstorming to delivery, and beyond, his portfolio includes a wide range of advertising photography, including food and beverage.

Dana Hursey is a member of the American Photographic Artists (APA). He brings a high level of technical skill and artistry to his work, creating striking and impactful images that are tailored to his client’s needs.















Vinnie Finn

As he grew up in his large Italian family’s restaurant, his passion for food sparked at a young age. His proximity to food culture gives him a unique ability to capture emotions and tell stories through his photography.

Vinnie Finn’s style is characterized by authenticity and natural beauty, showcasing the essence of the subject. He is skilled at capturing the unique details and textures of food and beverage, creating images that are both visually stunning and appetizing.















Ricardo Mora

He specializes in creating beautiful images that promote food businesses. With his passion for photography and food, Ricardo Mora creates visually stunning images that showcase the beauty of the subject.

He is skilled in capturing the intricate details and textures of food and beverage, resulting in images that are both visually appealing and mouthwatering. He usually works closely with his clients to create customized and personalized photography that best represents their brand and product.















Ed Rudolph

His love for food and design merges together to capture the true essence of the dishes he photographs. His unique photography style features soft, diffused side lighting that results in stunning images.

Ed Rudolph’s use of top-down and table-side angles creates a distinct mix that highlights the details and textures of the food. Through his photography, he brings the experience of enjoying a good meal to life.














Sedona Turbeville

She specializes in food, product, and still-life photography, capturing stunning images that highlight the beauty of each subject. Her photography style is characterized by its clean and minimalist aesthetic, showcasing the details and textures of the food and products she photographs.

Through her work, Sedona Turbeville brings a unique and creative perspective to each project she works on.















We hope you enjoyed our list of The Best 15 Food Photographers in Los Angeles!

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