Top Health Coach Blogs and Websites in 2022

Top 11 Health Coach Blogs and Websites in 2022


Top Health Coach Blogs and Websites in 2022

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and devoid of all energy throughout your day? You’ll need to change your lifestyle to something more sustainable to fix this. 

If you are searching for such a lifestyle, look no more. Health coaching is a quickly growing field and there are many coaches to seek help from. We have compiled a list of blogs and websites that can provide you with the right guidance.

Moreover, their webpages have been professionally designed to provide more info about different services and a seamless experience package. Aside from contact info, these health consultants also offer opt-in services ranging from newsletter subscriptions and video lessons to ingredients options and electronic books for you to enjoy and cash in on. 

Here are the best ones to choose from.

1. Elise Knox

Elise Knox

Elise Knox is a firm believer that our inner wisdom is the key to unlocking the right fitness choices for us. She guides her followers to develop a connection with their bodies and mind. She stands by the belief that self-love leads to better fitness. This style helps her customers improve their well-being more naturally. She is patient with her patronage, ensuring they get the time to shed their layers properly. This is a growing practice and is appreciated by customers. If you access her website, it is effortless.

Elisa believes that both mental and physical health are the main keys to the general fitness of the body. Paying great attention to the ideas on how to reduce mental exhaustion can already be the first step in taking good care of yourself. Being mentally healthy is the most important part of becoming healthier.

Services offered: Mama Centered Coaching, Teen Centered Coaching, Student Programs.

2. Karen Pattock

Karen Pattock

Videos are of the leading strategies one can use to make their webpage stand out and be more interactive. Karen uses her experiences and shapes them into a 10-day video series that helps you boost your fitness-oriented endeavors.

Her website is very user-friendly, with easy navigation tools so that users of any age can access it and look for what they are seeking. Feel free to check her page and support her as well.

Services offered: Wellness Workshops, 10-Day Video Jumpstart.

3. Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is a famous name for individuals who advocate the prosperity of the human body. She offers programs to people to help them address their concerns in light of their nutritional needs. Due to her popularity, she has also been featured in Top Chef and Martha Stewart Live, making her one of the top coaches to consult.

Andrea uses a basic template wherein the header, and you can obtain all the services she provides. By using primary color tones, she retains users on the basis of her blog stories.

Services offered: Coaching, Health Articles & Programs, Podcasts, Video Lessons.

4. Brittany Mullins

Brittany Mullins

Brittany Mullins has her blog established under the name of Eating Bird Food. This name is there to spark curiosity in the hearts of all those seeking help. Brittany is an expert in using several different ingredients. She uses the unique name and introduces new foods alongside their nutritional value. She can also be contacted via email for further help if one needs it.

The moment you open her site, you are greeted by an entire inventory of different options you can explore through. She is using her site to promote healthy eating as a key part of becoming fit.

Services offered: Ideas for Healthier Breakfasts, Desserts, Salads, and Snacks.

5. Lisa Taitelman

Lisa Taitelman

Lisa has several plans her audience can look into. Most of her programs and mentoring revolve around physical contentment. She encourages her viewers to go on hikes and make healthy recipes to aid their improving well-being and creating a sustainable community.

All those who share the same passion for hiking are urged to visit her site. Lisa Taitelman uses a unique template to showcase her webpage. The moment you access her landing page, an ecstatic Lisa is smiling, waiting to greet you.

Services offered: Follow Your Trail hiking activities & coaching classes.

6. Petronela Harrell

Petronela Harrell

This plain outlook of her site is a prime example of one of the preferred well-being counseling platforms out there. She has different programs you can choose from to help you learn about different techniques.

Petronela uses a straightforward template with large texts and images. This styling helps her grasp the attention of many of her users. Her page also explains the 3 step methods she will use to help her patron’s well-being.

Services offered: Holistic Wellness Coaching, Soul Mapping, Tarot Card Reading, Workbooks.

7. Kristine Hedrick

Kristine Hedrick

Her website has a step-by-step guide on how users can avail their first health and wellness strategy session. She shares success stories for others to understand the growth of her previous customers and be inspired to opt for her. Moreover, her sessions are fun and very interactive.

The entire outlook of her website gives off a very professional look, another reason why her blogs are so visited. Kristine’s posts are very vibrant and engaging. The use of bright colors helps retain user attention. She is a well-known coach due to the techniques she delivers to her patronage.

Services offered: Fitness Training Sessions, Subscription Packages, Success Stories.

8. Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne

Sarah Byrne’s main focus is on social stigmas surrounding the menstrual cycle and the female body. By doing so, she targets a vast audience that has been trying to balance out their personal life amongst their biological cycles.

She uses a relatively minimal template design avoiding clutter so that the users accessing it do not have to struggle to navigate through the site.

Services offered: Menstrual Care Coaching, Journals.

9. Eric Ho

Eric Ho

Eric’s blog serves as a great reminder of how we have deviated from our natural ways. He uses the knowledge he has gained over the years to encourage his reader to love and glorify nature. Eric’s approach is unique, making him a better choice for individuals to opt for.

Services offered: Guidance, Success Stories.

10. Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness

Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness

Joanna is a health coach who provides one on one interactive services which help you get a clearer insight when you talk to her. You can also access her online programs and books to help you on your journey. Joanna pays a lot of attention to healthy eating offering her programs on the basis of her beliefs. She constantly claims a peaceful mind and healthy nutrition are keys to happy living.

Services offered: Culinary Ideas, Books, Kids Corner, Online Programs, 1:1 Coaching Services.

11. Emily Golin

Emily Golin

Emily is a wellness coach who is the founder of “Embody Health & Mental Wellness Coaching”. Her site is straightforward and, yet again very easy to navigate. You can easily access her resources. You can also spot a link to her Spotify for her podcasts. This allows users to listen to her while on their way to the office.

She also has an active blog on vulnerability, body image and mental illness. Her resources serve as a guiding principle for her clients.

Services offered: Embody Membership, Group Sessions, Podcasts, Private Consultation.


Whatever concern you may have, there is a coach there for it. If your declining fitness is related to mental illness, stigmas, or hormonal imbalances, we have the finest trainers to assist you.

All of these programs are pretty easy to adhere to, and most are without charge. Their consultation spaces and online chats serve as a place to have your questions addressed effectively and efficiently. The website designs adhere to ease of access and service delivery to provide a readily available all-in-one services package to their client’s satisfaction.

These health coaches are out to help you to the best of their capacities as they keep their material seamless and accommodating. We hope you find the coach that helps you go through the perfect journey of self-growth.

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Rita Roberts is a lifestyle blogger and a wellness and health expert. Having received an undergraduate degree as a nutritionist Rita has become one of the top authors at where she writes about mental and physical balance as key principles of healthy living. The author conducts a professional analysis of modern fitness and health services in order to promote the sphere and encourage people to seek professional guidance on questions of health. 

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