Top Tattoo Artists in Boston

Top 15 Tattoo Artists in Boston


Top Tattoo Artists in Boston

Boston’s tattoo scene flourishes with diverse artistic expressions and skilled professionals. From intricate designs that tell personal stories to innovative styles that push the boundaries of traditional ink, Boston’s tattoo artists are leaving an indelible mark on the world of body art. Join us on a journey through the studios and portfolios of some of Boston’s most talented tattoo artists.

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Amanda Abbott

Her specialty is graphic portraiture and decorative botanical neo-traditional tattooing. Amanda’s work is deeply inspired by Victorian design and vintage botanical illustration, all while using bold colors and contrasts with smooth black and grey.




Erik Rieth

His long journey in the tattooing world has given him the patience, skill and professionalism required for an excellent tattoo artist. Erik Rieth continues to evolve his unique contemporary style, primarily in Americana and Japanese tattoos.


Natan Alexander

This tattoo artist has marked the lives and bodies of many people. His art touches his clients on a deeply personal level. Natan’s originality has always been a part of him, as he never makes the same design twice; every tattoo is specially made for its wearer.


Bruno Samuel

He has specialized in various styles, such as neo-traditional, black and grey, blackwork and fine-line tattoos. Bruno Samuel is a well-fined tattoo artist whose experience and talent help him fulfill every request his clientele gives him.



Nelson Cabrera

He has liked realism and surrealism in color or black and gray, influencing his tattooing style. Nelson Cabrera has gained recognition not only for his exceptional talent but also for his commitment to pushing the boundaries of tattoo artistry.



Dave Norton

His style and originality are imprinted on many people, showcasing his ability. Dave Norton’s experience and exceptional talent in this field have helped him gain popularity and recognition amongst many other tattoo artists.


Jimmy Johnson

This versatile tattoo artist with 20 years of experience has made a name for himself with his work. Jimmy Johnson caters to traditional-style tattooing while also doing some excellent portrait work.














Brian Hemming

This experienced tattoo artist has gained popularity in Boston. The tattooing skills have helped Brian Hemming a lot throughout his long career, making people happy with new tattoos since 2004.














Cat Quintino

Specializing in Japanese traditional, black and gray color realism, and anime, Cat Quintino has shown to be a skillful tattoo artist. Her beautiful art is now part of many people’s bodies, leaving all clients very satisfied with it.















Steven Fournier

This tattoo artist enjoys traditional American and Japanese tattoo styles, focusing on creating bold and readable designs that will last forever and resonate with his clients. Steven Fournier brings a unique perspective to his tattoo designs, leaving his clientele satisfied with the masterpieces placed on them.













Jason Pepe

Jason has become a well-known tattoo artist in Boston, specializing in high-contrast black-and-gray realism and portraits. Jason Pepe can take whatever is on your mind and make it come true, making something unique just for you.














Tiana Lee

Filled with a passion for nature-inspired tattoos, Tiana Lee specializes in feminine, nature and dark art-inspired tattoos. Her work is a collaboration with clients, turning their stories into inked masterpieces.















Ram Hannan

Owner of Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo, Ram Hannan, his many years of tattooing experience ensure client satisfaction. With every design being custom-made, every client will get exactly what they asked for. Additionally, his unique style blends colors and shades perfectly, creating exciting designs.
















The perfect mix of creepy and cute designs makes up for exciting and unique designs. If you seek colorful and sparkly designs, Dee is the artist for you or if you want a dark and textural tattoo.














Josh Dietz

After attending art school, Josh started tattooing and became exponentially famous in this area. His colorful designs usually revolve around anime, specific characters, and animals. His experience ensures satisfaction from clients.














We hope you enjoyed our list of Top Tattoo Artists in Boston!

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