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Top 20 Websites, Channels & Apps To Get Book Summaries


These websites, channels, and apps have the best book summaries on the internet.

Everyone is crunched for time nowadays, be it a student, a paper writer, or a CEO. At the same time though, everyone is looking for self-improvement and business growth. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read the book summaries on these topics or buy essays instead of having to flip through every single page? The following websites, channels, and apps have made that possible with their incredible book summaries!

#20 Paul Minors

Paul Minor’s website keeps up to date with the latest and hottest books in the market right now.

This website creates informative and easy to understand chapter summaries for all kinds of books.

Check out the latest summary on Tony Robbins’s newest book “Unshakeable

Follow their website.

#19 Four Minute Books

This platform is designed for the quick learners. The individuals who don’t have enough time to read through an entire book but want to absorb every piece of knowledge it can offer. With this platform, you will not ask someone – “please, write my essay. I didn’t have time to read this book”

Sound familiar? Yeah, we are like that too.

They have this awesome subscription program in which every Saturday they send you a new innovative summary that you can learn from in four minutes or less.

Check out their website. 

#18 Meaningful HQ

Dean Bokhari is a man on a mission.

Every week he is bringing new content in the world of personal development.

He has a wide range of book summaries, podcasts, and blogs all of which will help you better your life.

Our personal favorite has to be Bokhari’s podcast on “Crucial Conversations”

Check out his work.

#17 ReadinGraphics

A fast-rising star, ReadinGraphics offers text, audio and graphic summaries for business and personal development books.

3 things we absolutely love about them: they go for quality over quantity, their summaries are comprehensive yet easy to digest, and their book infographics actually capture an entire book on 1 page.

Be sure to check them out.

#16 Cory Miller

Cory is a force of nature. His work continues to inspire individuals to reach their highest levels in personal development.

Cory is an entrepreneur, blogger, writer and influencer in the digital world today.

We loved Cory’s article on “How to be Professional: 12 Tips to Thrive at Your First Job”

Check out his website.

#15 Agile Lean Life

With some of the best written summaries we have ever ready, Agile Lean Life is the real deal.

You can tell through a single read that this platform takes the time and effort to craft a summary with value.

They also include graphs for those of us who need some visual aids.

Check out their work.

#14 John Spence

John Spence has created much more than just book summaries. His work has helped improve the personal development of thousands of people across the world.

Be sure to follow his blog regularly as he is consistently giving value from his research and readings.

Check out the website.

#13 James Clear

James Clear has collected the most popular books in the market today and has summarized them into 3 sentences or less for an initial taste.

If you like what you’ve read you can just click and read the full summary.

What a brilliant way designed by James Clear to help you save and maximize your time!

Check out the website.

#12 Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie has been able to tie her hobbies and professional life together very well.

She has a thirst for organization and productivity and it radiates through her work.

Lussier’s book summaries, blogs, and products are all aimed to help people like us improve our productivity levels and reach our maximum potential.

Check out her website.

#11 Nugget

Get Nugget is far more than just a website with summaries.

It has become an interactive app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

They have turned book summaries into swiping visual quotes.

This company has been able to adhere to our shorter attention spans while still allowing us to absorb as much knowledge as an everyday reader.

Check out their website for more info.

#10 OverDrive

This website is designed for those who have a desire to learn but their time availability is minimal.

This platform has created comprehensive 30 minute summaries.

Within these 30 minutes, the summary reader is designed to be on par with the full book reader.

This is the definition of getting more and giving less. Follow them.

#9 The Journey

Calling all visual learners.

This YouTube page creates animated book summaries for those of us who just want to watch someone explain a book.

So next time you want to understand a book, go onto their YouTube page, sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

Check out their YouTube page.

#8 Bizsum

If you are in the field of business, this website is catered specifically to you.

This website has taken the world’s best business books, analyzed them and has written comprehensive summaries.

They believe people become better professionals through learning and it is their goal to expedite and maximize that process.

Check out their website.

#7 Shaun Frankson

Not only does Shaun create detailed and informative book summaries, but he is much more than that.

Shaun is a social entrepreneur who has figured out his DNA (default natural advantage) and is now working to create a change in the world.

If you want to learn more about Shaun’s insights, give his blog a read too.

Check out his website.

#6 Actionable Books

With 1056 book summaries and counting, actionable books is the place to be!

We personally loved the summary on the book “Personal Development for Smart People”

The summaries are short enough to read in one sitting but detailed enough to absorb for life.

Check out their website.

#5 Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Well the name says it all. This company creates stellar summaries and reviews on the latest and greatest books.

The layout of their website makes it really easy to navigate and find the right book for you.

We love their speed review on Tim Ferriss’s “Tools of Titans.” Check that one out if you have some time.

Visit their website.

#4 getAbstract

What can you learn in 15 minutes? The right Insight at the right time can make all the difference. By providing easy access to summarized expert knowledge, getAbstract helps professionals around the world find solutions to real-life challenges and use knowledge efficiently.

Learn something new every day! getAbstract’s mission is to help you put knowledge into action. Discover, share and develop new ideas; tackle professional challenges; engage in productive conversations; grow your understanding of topics that matter; and build a learning habit, 15 minutes at a time. Curious where 15 minutes might take you?

Know better. Do better. In 15 minutes. Learn more:

#3 Blinkist

This application (on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) provides key insights from over 2000 non-fiction books that you can read or listen to in under 15 minutes.

They have over 1 million users today and are still growing rapidly!

Sign up with them, it will be worth it.

Check out their website.

#2 BookSummaryClub

BookSummaryClub is one of the largest free resources of book summaries on the internet at the moment.

The owner of the blog, Erik Nilsson, summarized over 130 books that are available for free on the site, and he is continuously adding more. Every time a new summary is added, he keeps his followers updated in his Facebook-group.

Check out the website and find all the summaries.

#1 Sumize It

Get up to speed with key insights to the top business and self-help books. Fulfill your human and business potential by reading our 10 to 15 minutes long summaries. Our dedicated research team is adding new summaries each week. You will have unlimited access to all our content.

Check out their website.

Check out their app for Android and IOS.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 20 Websites, Channels & Apps To Get Book Summaries!

The rankings are based on the website, channel and app’s popularity, user base, usefulness and social media following.

Amazon Kindle

Another item that we highly recommend is the Amazon Kindle. It’s “Paperwhite” high-resolution display puts no strain on the eyes. It’s extremely portable and overall may just be the best option for you to dive into book summaries hassle free! Yes, we said it, you can read book summaries on the Kindle too! Click on the picture below if you want to hear more details.

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