Brand loyalty is extremely important to a business and can be derived from many factors – from company values and customer service to the angle the company takes in it's marketing. The psychology of consumer behavior can help explain some

Meet Patti Patti Pokorchak is an absolute force of nature. She is a tech pioneer and award-winning sales and marketing executive. As a teenager, she became the first female tech professional at IBM’s Hamilton office. By the early 1990s, she was a

As Influence Digest’s editor-in-chief, Samantha Dharmasena has a passion for writing, social justice, international music, event planning, and entrepreneurship. While currently studying in the one-year Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MMIE) program at Queen’s University, Sam is one month

In the words of Saarim Asady, what is Influence Digest? An online platform where we find successful entrepreneurs, creatives, and like-minded individuals who provide value by publishing their areas of expertise into articles to share with the world. Why did you start

Name: Joey Thompson Birthday: February 4, 1995 Education: BMOS – Western University Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Queen’s University Hometown – West Vancouver, British Columbia Tell me about yourself: I love sports. Hockey and golf have been the biggest part of my life. I played competitively

Tell me about yourself. Hi, I'm Paul O'Brien. I’m currently studying in the Masters of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Queen’s University, while I intern as a Business Relations Officer at ID. I was randomly born in Seattle but spent my whole

  Canada’s Next Top Startup Startup was designed to bring resources, exposure, and most importantly support to Canadian start-ups across the country. We understand that running a start-up is not easy work. It takes time, effort, and determination to reach that next

Congratulations! You’re the proud owner or operator of a business and (hopefully) loving every minute of what you do. Whether your business is just getting started or has been up and running for years, there are still a lot of

The greats of our time have produced amazing accomplishments. They have made the world we live in today faster, easier, and better for the majority of society. Their actions have compounded in ways that cannot truly be measured. One thing

First, there was the agricultural age, then came the industrial revolution and now finally, we are living through the technological revolution. Automation has infiltrated every industry. Almost any job that requires a manual or repetitive task has or will be