Małgorzata Warda is a business practitioner & leadership trainer. In this opportunity, we were lucky enough to interview Małgorzata and learn a little more about her.

After working in the finance industry and experiencing numerous personal challenges, in 2016, Flora found her passion for coaching. Read more about her here!

Nataly is a world-renowned Life & Wellness Coach. She has over 17 years of journalism and Tv show hosting in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Kerri Burchill is one of the coaches who was motivated by something many would prefer to stay: being in comfort and having almost everything

Virginia Walton 's story surprised us. She has been one of those people that despite the difficulties, she came to realize how important it's to do what makes you happy.

Christine is a Working Mom Coach who is passionate about serving working moms that are juggling working full time and raising young children.

Maher is a certified nutrition consultant who has helped many people seeking better nutrition in their lives, creating healthy, easy-to-carry habits for increased energy and better health.

Nikolett is passionate about coaching, it is one of her great passions besides travelling and sports. She loves to support people when they have dilemmas or challenges in their business.

Elaine is an internationally recognized leader for her commitment and involvement in the defence of human rights and an amazing integral coach.

Tell us your story – How did you get here? I was born and raised in Austria as the daughter of business owners and entrepreneurs. I always had this unexplainable talent to get excited about problems, finding innovative solutions and recognizing

Squat Wolf- The Number 1 Fitness Apparel Brand in the Middle-East A pair of busy professionals from Dubai found their passion for fitness. Over the years they noticed a massive gap in the apparel market which was to have both stylish

ENDO CEO | Daniel Crawford Tell us your story, how did you get started in the cannabis industry and ENDO? Daniel Crawford: The journey started about 4 years ago. I was working for a craft brewery in Dallas Texas and was living an unhealthy