Meet Jack Mann According to the World Health Organization, 440 million people worldwide are at risk for hearing loss resulting from loud live entertainment. Jack Mann is the founder of Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, which are discreet, reusable earplugs designed for sound quality

Meet Faizal Khamisa Diagnosed with cancer at 16 years old, Faizal Khamisa was forced to look death straight in the eye. This is the interview of an individual who had to overcome many barriers to get to where he is today. From

Meet Adeyemi Adegbesan Name: Adeyemi Adegbesan Current Occupation: Photographer Brand/Instagram Handle: SoTeeOh Hometown: Toronto, ON Education: Ryerson University (Bachelors of Social Work) Adeyemi is a Toronto-born photographer but you probably know him as @soteeoh on instagram. We love that SoTeeOh captures our city in a

Meet Kira Isabella Country artist, Kira Isabella, has become well known for her passionate and lively hits that have made her a household name on the Canadian Country music scene. At only 24 years old, Kira is a 5-time nominee and

March 8 is International Women's Day International Women’s Day (IWD) is recognized around the world - it is a day to reflect and celebrate. March 8th is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women (across industries and across borders) while recognizing

Profile Name: Erica Pearson Current Occupation: CEO/ Co-Founder Business: Vacation Fund Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario Education: Queens's University- Commerce   Can you briefly describe your business and the goal you are striving towards? Vacation Fund encourages people to save for their travel goals. The inspiration for this was my dad

Profile: Name: Dr. Andrew Boorn Hometown: London, England Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Tornado Spectral Systems School: MBA – University of Toronto, Ph.D. – Georgia Tech University Can you briefly describe your business and the goal you are striving towards? We design, manufacture, and sell dispersive

Profile: Name: Ferhan Patel Hometown: Montreal, Quebec Occupation: Payment Rails School: Concordia University- Bachelor of Computer Science, Richard Ivey School of Business EMBA CFE, CFCS, CAM, Do you think school played a big a role in developing your business? School helped me hone my organizational skills, however

Profile Name: Tiffany Lam Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario Education: Biology @ Queen’s University Occupation: Client Strategy Manager @ PATIO Interactive Tell us a little bit about your history. From Biology to Media & Marketing, how did that happen? I grew up pretty stereotypically nerdy; loved math and

Profile: Name: Harley Fitzsimons Birthday: July 19 1994 Education: Brock University Bachelor of Fine Arts Hometown: Oakville Occupation: Digital Media Strategist for the Fallsview Group Freelance Creative Director (Encompassing Design, merch, visuals, film, etc) Where did your passion for media arts stem from? It’s hard to explain but

Profile: Name: Michael Campanelli Occupation: Co-Founder of Chillwall / Co-Founder Dr. Ian Knowles Education: International MBA @ University of Ottawa & Lund University Hometown: Toronto What is Chillwall AI? Chillwall's mission is to conquer Boredom! The purpose is simple: Discover things that you did not know you

Profile Name: Duncan McCall Current Occupation: Sales & Customer Success @ Growth Genius Business: Founder of Bitmaker Labs & Co-Founder of BrainStation Hometown: London Ontario Education: Western University- Ivey School of Business   How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur? I am highly motivated by interacting and