If you have to travel for business, it can be a real grind. Sure, meeting clients face-to-face across the world may be important for cementing a business relationship and attending conferences is critical for networking. However, constant travel for work

Profile: Name: Ramtin Azarii Hometown:  Markham Education: University of Waterloo - Bachelor of Computer Science Born: January 29 1994 Company: Legato Connect The story of Ramtin Azari dates back to his high school days where his passion for music all started. Joined together with his background in computer

Shop Local. Not just OVO Clothing, though. We love OVO clothing as much as the next person, but there's so much going on in Toronto's streetwear scene right now. We've got our eyes on some exciting anniversaries and upcoming collection drops. 

Cover Image Credit: Petit Biscuit The future of electronic music is looking bright. Through the evolution of music production computer software and instruments, the means to creating songs has never been more accessible. Within the past decade, there has been a rapid

Are you a video game fanatic? Check out the world’s top eSports players you can watch this very instant.   In 2017, the Olympics Games took notice that eSports are rapidly evolving into a multibillion-dollar industry. They determined that this form

Cover image credit: Rendrd Magazine In a music scene dominated by men, female talent is often overshadowed. It’s no secret that electronic dance music (EDM) has created a massive cultural shift in today’s global music scene. Originally influenced by the sounds of

Want to Attend a Music Festival This Year? Let us Help You Find the Right One.   These 10 music festivals standout as the best of 2018. Whether you care about the music, the atmosphere, the activities, or just the overall experience,

What is Generation Now? Let me tell you about one of Canada’s largest and most impactful events happening this February. It’s called Generation Now. It’s an opportunity and event to inspire emerging and young entrepreneurs to activate their greatness. When: February 27, 2018 Where:

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Often when we hear the word value, we associate it with cost. In the workplace, we spend our time creating value for our employers which is then compensated for money. The value of travel operates in a different way. When we

What began as a single restaurant for many of these businesses has now turned into a worldwide sensation. Not only is their food halal but it is also delicious, cultural and most importantly, authentic.   #20 Yosma Inspired by the streets of Istanbul, Yosma

With only a camera and a dream, these individuals established a career for themselves. Their hard work and dedication to their dream should be motivation for you to follow your dreams, no matter the cost.   #15 Alex Chacon Alex Chacon is a