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Do I Need A Blog For My Business?


Do I Need A Blog For My Business?

Regardless of what kind of business you have, you NEED to be online. But having a website is no longer enough. You need to be found through search engines. And the thing is; your website alone is not enough for Google to track you and put you on the first page.  Do I need a blog for my business? Yes, you do.

If you create a blog and consistently create content for topics in your niche, Google will then rank you higher and ultimately bring more traffic to your website, converting more sales for your business.

While Instagram is a great source of traffic, blogging can yield 100x more returns if done properly.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Blog For Your Business:


10) It Improves Your SEO

As you consistently produce content & keyword optimize your work – search engines such as Google will then rank you higher and make your website more visible to those online.

9) More Traction = More Sales

When you start getting ranked on search engines such as Google, the increased traffic they will send you will not only be targetted potential customers in your niche but over time they will convert more sales for your business!

8) Increases Your Legitimacy Online

Blogging about topics in your niche allows you to show your expertise and understanding of the product & services you are offering. The more value-based content that you produce, the more your future customers will trust you and refer you as a thought leader.

7) Provides Value To Potential Customers

Each piece of content that you produce should provide tangible and actionable value to your potential customers. The more free value that you are able to offer to your potential customers, the more they will be inclined to make their purchasing decisions with you over anyone else.

6) Allows You To Keep Up To Date With New Trends

Your industry is evolving and things are always changing. Blogging gives you the ability to keep up-to-date with those changes and keep your audience up-to-date too.

5) The Analytics Will Give You Great Insight Into Your Audience

Your blog will drive traffic to your targetted customer base. With the right analytics tools (Google Analytics & Heap Analytics), you will gain a strong understanding of the online behavioral patterns of your customer in which you can leverage to convert more sales.

4) Content Marketing Is The Future Of Marketing

Digital marketing is rapidly changing. 10 years ago, you would have gotten away with buying banner ads and watching your sales grow – today, that is no longer the case. In order to effectively market your product or services online, you need to produce high quality (value-based) content to your viewers.

3) Gives You a Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors

We are still in the early stages of content marketing. It has yet to become the norm which means the opportunity is ripe for you to take advantage of this massive opportunity and create more business for yourself.

2) You Get To Become Your Own Media Outlet

Why go hunting for PR from costly firms when you can become your own media outlet. You get 100% control of the content being published and you also gain legitimacy by having a “media-department” of your business.

1) Every Blog Post Is A Marketing Asset

Don’t think of your blog posts as an added workload. They are assets to your business that can become the gift that keeps on giving. Search engines will rank your posts creating more traffic and sales for your business. This is how you grow a blog for my business.


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