The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires


The greats of our time have produced amazing accomplishments. They have made the world we live in today faster, easier, and better for the majority of society. Their actions have compounded in ways that cannot truly be measured. One thing is for sure, most of them were not any smarter than you and I.

Modelling is the cheat-code to achieving your goals faster. By modeling the habits and actions of those you admire and applying it to your everyday life, you can fast-track your way to similar results.

Here are the 6 most unique habits of the billionaires we know today:

Warren Buffet- Reads 500 pages a day

The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires

When Warren Buffett began his investing career, he was reading 600-1000 pages a day. Warren believed that knowledge compounded faster than the interest which is why he invested more time and energy into reading than anything else.

Mark Zuckerberg – Wears the same clothes every day

The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires

While Mark can easily afford an extravagant wardrobe, he chooses to keep things uniform for a specific reason: decision fatigue.  Science has proven that decision-making is like a muscle that wears out after consistent use. Mark chooses to conserve that energy by not having to decide on what outfit to pick out. In the short term this may seem trivial but in the long term, saving that decision-making energy has massive payoffs.

Steve Jobs – Listened to music while developing products

The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires

While many people find listening to music distracting while at work, Steve found that music helped him get into the rhythm of what he was working on. Bob Dylan and The Beatles were usually the top of his list.

Arianna Huffington – Does yoga every morning

The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires

Arianna is world renown yogi. She learned yoga at an early age from her mother. Over time, Arianna has used yoga as an outlet to reduce stress, meditate, and focus on her career. In her latest book Thrive, she discusses the third metric of success to be well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving. Yoga strengthened each of those pillars.

Bill Gates – Swings in a rocking chair

The 6 Odd Habits of Billionaires

Even during his Harvard days, Gates turned to swinging in his rocking chair during intense situations. He finds that by closing his eyes and rocking back and forth, he is able to clear his mind and disconnect from the situation momentarily. During those moments, his mind clear mind is able to assess the situation and find a solution with ease.

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