How to Enhance Your Personal Brand With Storytelling


How to Enhance Your Personal Brand With Storytelling

Written by Mohammed Maxel Hasan




What’s the secret ingredient behind influencers that generate worldwide devotion to their products and services? One word: Storytelling. In this article, you’ll discover 5 compelling storytelling gems for historic impact and how you can apply it to your own business.






Storytelling Gem #1: Respond to a need:

Let us visit the 1950’s for a moment. At the time, children were getting bored of the standard books that schools offered. How could parents and educators keep children engaged while growing their imagination? One day, an education administrator issued a challenge to an author: “Write me a story that first-graders can’t put down!” Not only that, the publisher added in the constraint of keeping the word count under 250 words. The author kept ironing out and chiseling out a book for over a year and a half. Out of sheer frustration, the author decided to just pick two words that rhymed and build a story around that. Those words were cat and hat. The author’s name was Theodor Geisel, better known as “Dr. Seuss.” The Cat in the Hat sold millions of copies and cemented Dr. Seuss’ legacy in children’s literature.[1]


Dr. Seuss noticed the trends happening for his market and literally used illustrative storytelling for his breakthrough success. Even though your business may not be directly related to witting books, you can still identify what your prospective clients yearn for. Afterward, see if you can create a narrative to frame that problem through a perspective in which your business can solve. We don’t shape stories, it’s the stories that shape us






Storytelling Gem #2: Find your archetype

Not all brand origin stories are the same. Amazon started off in Jeff Bezos’ garage. McDonald’s began as a small drive-in BBQ restaurant in California. Bill Gates dropped out of college to conceive Microsoft.

Below is an infographic outlining common examples of brand archetypes. See which one your business fits best.[1]






Storytelling Gem #3: Create a strong emotional connection

What other player could go into the court of the opposite team and get asked to play with roaring chanting by the fans? What other players could get the opposite team to applaud for him even when he’s playing against them? What other players could return to his home city in a different uniform and still get a standing ovation to the point where the fans almost booed their own team? Only his Airness.[1]

Imagine the countless stories of families growing up watching him dominate other teams. Where children grow up wanting to be like Mike. When Jordan had his final game as a Washington Wizard at Philadelphia, there was a 5-minute ovation-in the middle of the game. Fans not only applauded because of his success but because of all the memories.

Aim to have your business create long-lasting memories. It might take some time if you are starting out, but once you find those magical moments where clients will forevesavorur, it will be absolutely priceless.


[1]    Comment by username Strider-Ragnarok



Storytelling Gem #4: Look for universal desires

Walt Disney’s unmatched ability to find universal values propels their status as a storytelling mastermind. For instance, The Lion King explores our place in the circle of life. When Simba encounters Mufasa’s ghost, it speaks to those who’ve been destined for greatness but somehow lost the way. Or what about Mulan? Her heroic desire to save China in spite of all odds anchored a lifelong legacy. Every single film has something for everyone. Whether you are 8 years old or 80, Disney films tap into core human struggles that transcend cultures around the globe.

See what universal desires your business possesses. Maybe it’s the feeling of independence that a teenager yearns for. Perhaps it’s the romance of a newlywed couple.




Storytelling Gem #5: Be true to your heart

Authenticity always rules the day. Whenever you plan to tell your brand’s story or create products/services, make sure it’s authentic. Coca-Cola learned this lesson the hard way in 1985.

In an effort to cater to new audiences, Coca-Cola changed their formula and called it “New Coke.” They thought it would shake things up and by taking this risk, it would reap many rewards. It was far from it. The backlash from consumers was colossal, to the point that protests were rallied demanding the old formula to be back.[1]

Eventually, Coca-Cola Classic made its way to shelves and the century-old formula remained intact








We hope you enjoyed this article on personal brand building for influencers. Thanks for the Influence Digest team!

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