21 LA Based Entrepreneurs With Incredible Personal Brands


Here is a list we compiled of the Top 21 Los Angeles based entrepreneurs with the best personal brands. This list includes individuals from almost every industry, profession, and recognition.

(This list is no-particular-order)

Sean Percival

The current CMO of Appear.In “helps startups get an unfair advantage in the market“. Percival is an investor and entrepreneur from California, who has invested in over 120 startup companies. As a partner at 500 Startups- a venture fund, his passion for online marketing and eCommerce enabled him to launch Wittlebee. His previous role was the VP of Online Marketing for Myspace.

Percival has developed his personal brand through speaking engagements and interviews. Even though he is situated in Norway, he still manages to develop his personal brand throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.



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Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, and writer. Before becoming an industry leader, he developed his first company; Dot-com and Weblogs- a publishing company. With the main focus on Techstarts, Calacanis developed his personal brand through industry conferences worldwide.

The influencer also conducts weekly podcasts on “This week in startups”, operates LAUNCH festival- the largest startup conference in the world, and has published a number of books. Calacanis provides his audience with a great perspective of daily operations as an Angel investor, and has become an industry professional due to his years of knowledge.


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Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is research director at Institute for the future. He built his personal brand as an editor-in-chief for MAKE magazine. His work speaks for itself. He has currently published 7-award-winning books. LinkedIn and Twitter continue to expand Marl’s following, where he publishes many of his personal articles. As a founding Editor In chief for Wired.com, the journalist has extensive knowledge of publishing credible online articles.

Public speaking has also contributed to his overall growth. The influencer has held dozens of talks and keynote speeches around the world. His presentations and hands-on workshops help his audience become a maker.



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Mark Suster

Mark Suster is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As the current managing partner at Upfront Ventures, he has sold both companies and is on the hunt to invest in passionate entrepreneurs. Mark has grown his personal brand through numerous interviews and on his Twitter account. To this day he has over 312K followers who stay up to date with the managing partner’s lifestyle.

The influencer manages an amazing Medium-hosted blog. His articles help founders and entrepreneurs understand venture capital and proper financial valuation. Whether its life lessons or statical approaches, the financial guru understand how to maintain a proper blog website.





Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica Gottlieb grew her following by establishing her online blog and writing articles as a mother of 2 children. She currently has the #1 Los Angeles blog in the Facebook Network and previously worked at Celsias.com, The LA Moms Blog, and EcoChildsPlay.com.  The influencer has also grown her personal brand through Doctor Phil, CNN. FOX and Friends, The Daily Show, and many more.

Gottlieb has done a fantastic job at growing her personal brand through digital media. Her influence was recognized by Forbes- making her one of the 14 most powerful women to follow on Twitter. She has even travelled with Oprah Winfrey when she jumped started OWN network.


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Stacey Soleil

Stacey Soleil is a growth hacking and marketing expert. For the past 20 years, she has been optimizing her clients to trial blaze ahead of the latest fads and trends. The proud mother of 3 has grown her personal brand through social media. The influencer has grown her brand by providing professionals with proper training and growth hack techniques to ensure success.

She also works at West- a Williston Financial Group that looks to improve the entire transaction of realtors, brokers, title companies and lenders.


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Sarah J. Gim

Gim is a restaurant/dining blogger who runs the website: the Delicious Life. She is also the founder of a food blog aggregator TasteSpotting.com. Her personal brand has flourished over the years through her Instagram account. Every week Sarah posts images of healthy entree’s that she shares with her followers. Her social media following has grown over the past few years to over 188k on Instagram.

Even though Gim admits that she is no expert in the blogging industry, her website provides a place for people to eat with their eyes, be inspired and discover new blogs, sites and resources. It’s a humble approach that has garnished much respect from food critics.



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Espree Devora

Known as “the girl who gets it done”- Devora has provided seminars, interactive content, and social media to many corporations. She has created WeAreLATech.com– and hosts the #1 podcast focused on LA start-ups. In this time she has grown her social media following to 33.5K followers on Twitter which has helped her personal brand flourish. The influencer is an advocate for women’s education and celebrates women in tech globally.


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Christopher Webb

Christopher Webb designed and founded ChowNow- a platform to allow customers to place orders directly from one’s website or restaurant page. It excludes third-party commissions to assist restaurant owners in reaching customers. Their technology arms owners with the tools needed to compete in today’s tech-driven world. With the growth of ChowNow, Webb was able to develop his brand and partner with over 10,000 restaurants. Visit www.ChowNow.com to learn more!

Hope Horner

The CEO of Lemon Light Media has a mission to make high-quality videos affordable for everyone. As a 3x entrepreneur the marketing guru has been featured in INC, KABA and other publications. Her video marketing agency has solved the issue for business owners that needed to keep up in the age of tech. Horner grows her personal brand through online interviews, articles and by creating high-quality video content in the medium-sized section of the marketing industry.



Adam Lilling

As the board of directors of Movie Clips and HelloMusic, the investor is one of the largest titans in the online tech world. His first venture of Pentagon CD and Tapes was one of the internet’s first online retailers of music and video. Adam’s personal brand has continued to grow since his exploration into tech in 1994. His newest role as the director of Launchpad LA puts him at the forefront of Los Angeles technology startup boom. He is known by every entrepreneur in the Greater LA area, with the intent of helping individuals expedite their startup growth.


Meredith Perry

Meredith Perry is the inventor of Ubeam- a technology that uses ultrasound transmit power over the air to charge devices wirelessly. The tech influencer has been included in Fortunes “30 under 30”, Forbes, “40 under 40”, and has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s, “Most Creative People”. Meredith’s personal branding exploded after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and serving as an ambassador for NASA.

Perry invests in technologies that drive the future. It is her tech-savvy skills that earned her the respect of many young millennials.


Brock Pierce

After retiring from acting, Pierce endured many entrepreneurial adventures. He eventually joined brothers Bart and Bradford Stephans. By 2014 Pierce was elected to director of Bitcoin Foundation and Chief Strategy Office of the 700 million ICO. Brock has grown his personal brand by becoming an industry professional in cryptocurrency. His knowledge and leadership on crypto markets lead to speaking engagements and interviews. In Forbes magazine 2018, they ranked him as the top 20 wealthiest people in crypto. He is also synonymous with his hats- a physical attribute that can aid a person’s brand.

Cam Kashani

Cam Kashani is named the godmother of Silicon Beach for a reason. She is an expert speaker with the US State Department and her motto of “spread peace in the form of power”, has expedited her mission to humanize business. This vision is to create a global economy that thrives on everyone. She has grown her personal brand by working with over 4000+ entrepreneurs and over 700+ startups. Cam also shares her personal stories and advice on her social media platforms. Her personal brand has grown throughout the years through her Forbes publications and social media growth.


Ophir Tanz

The founder of GumGum became a leader in ComputerVison by creating the worlds first in-image ad platform. The advertisement format currently is used by 70% of Fortunes 100 brands. By creating ads that are not intrusive, but meaningful and seamless to the website, GumGum is able to promote its clients more traffic to their advertisements. Tanz has grown his personal brand by becoming an industry expert and sharing his knowledge with his followers. His interviews and guest speaking have also given him more exposure.


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Lauren Gropper

Lauren Gropper is a green entrepreneur with a background in green architecture, urban design, and a sustainability consulting firm. As an accredited professional since 2002, Gropper has developed her personal brand by teaching green building principles, guest speaking and being at the forefront of green consulting. Rising up to an industry professional lead to her developing a TV personality on HGTV, HBO, and Discovery.

While Gropper has used traditional media outlets to grow her brand, she succeeds at engaging with a targeted demographic of individuals who follow her advice. Her ability to engineer home products made from entirely plant-based materials puts her at the forefront of the innovation. Sustainabilityilty is the future this influencer wastes no time understanding that


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Robert Brill

Robert Bill is the founder and CEO of Brillmedia.co, After holding senior leadership positions, he has developed pragmatic solutions since 2010. His business helps alleviate any of the marketing problems that small to medium-sized businesses encounter. After spending 15 years in digital advertising, he has developed his personal brand by creating effective business models through programmatic media for owners to use. He has also grown his brand by becoming an official member of Forbes Los Angeles Business Council.



Daisy Jing

Daisy Jing is a beauty professional who started her career through YouTube. To help others that suffered from cystic acne, Jing turned on her webcam and showed the world her bare face for the first time. That was in 2010- 8-years later, the Youtuber has over 218k subscribers and over 65 million views on Youtube. She has won many awards such as Forbes 30 under 30 and Inc 5000. Her company, Banish, helps to provide acne suffering patients with a natural solution to combat the skin disease.

Her personal brand was aided by her YouTube page and was expedited from her online interviews and personal blog.

Lucas Pols

Lucas Pols is a well connected Venture Capitalist, Forbes contributor and founder of Quake Capital Partners. One of his current companies- Spark XYZ, provides users with a platform to connect incubators with early-stage start-ups and assist their talent management. He has built his personal brand by writing for Forbes and continues to perform speaking engagements in Los Angeles. Pols provides a proper balance of leadership, sales and recruiting that every business owner should follow.

Logan Abbott

Logan Abbot is an internet entrepreneur and the President of Sourceforge and Slashdot- the #1 community of tech news online. Today he has been featured in companies such as Forbes, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and many more. His knowledge and creation of robust mobile and web applications have provided him with speaking engagements to be an industry professional. The self-proclaimed “cell phone geek” also leveraged his personal brand on PhoneDog – a mobile publishing agency. Abbot currently resides in New York.

Charles Lew

Charles Lew is a lawyer, restauranteur and consultant who is recognized as an expert in restaurant operations and legal management. He has started to develop his personal brand by featuring in articles, interviews and podcasts such as; Restaurant Unstoppable, and The Los Angeles Business Journal. Published editorials were also a great way for the influencer to grow his brand, as they have given readers insights into the logistics of his daily operations. Lew is a great example of an entrepreneur who uses every medium and platform at his disposal to increase his influence. He even has a blog.


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