Personal Brand Building for Introverts


Why Introverts Can Thrive On Social Media

(Personal Brand Building for Introverts)

Building a personal brand for introverts can be achieved today using social media. In fact, there has never been a better time than right now- here’s why:

1) Social Media is Your Competitive Advantage

  • Social media allows you to collect your thoughts and communicate at your own pace. You can curate your platforms to publish videos that you enjoy making. There is no “live” stage, which means that you have unlimited takes to perfect your work.
    • A great way to simplify personal branding for introverts is to schedule posts, make several drafts of a video, and to follow users that are similar to yourself- a great way to learn about their branding methods.

2)  The Success of Your Brand is Not Reliant on Real-life interactions

  • While face-time and real-life interactions are really valuable, social media has allowed introverts to communicate with their mass audience with ease.
      • This allows you to save your energy for those really important one-on-one real-life interactions that are necessary when the time comes
      • You can start to build a social media following by entering Twitter, Facebook and Linked In group chats with professionals in the same industry as yourself. It’s a great way to continue the discussion onto your social media account.

3) Your Brand is About The Value Your Bring

  • Instead of centering the attention entirely around yourself, start to think of yourself as someone who is demonstrating their expertise and bringing value to their audience.

We hope you enjoyed this article on personal brand building for introverts. Thanks for the Influence Digest team!

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