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The Best Website Builder For Online Businesses That Are Not Ecommerce Stores


You want to create a website… but it’s not a store.

We totally understand. There’s a lot of ideas for online businesses that don’t have a physical product.

You’ve probably Googled it and have come across a lot of the typical options like Wix or Squarespace. Those website builders boast about a lot of fancy features that could potentially be useful.

But, when it comes to an online business without physical products…

There’s a few key features you really need:

1. Landing Pages – to capture leads

2. Sales Pages – to promote/sell your products

3. Professional Blog – to generate traffic & trust

4. Mobile Responsiveness – to look good everywhere

5. Integrations – to automate your email & social marketing

You might know individual providers for each of these features. Some of these providers might be great, but the real problem will arise when you’re trying to streamline everything. So…

You need one website builder that does all of these things really well.

Luckily, it exists and it’s called OptimizePress

As an experienced online marketer, I see many in our industry struggle because they are unable to:

– Attract an audience ??

– Increase opt-in’s ?

– Convert traffic ?

– Overcome tech challenges ⌨️

– Capture leads on mobile devices ?

– Deliver their content effectively ✏️

OptimizePress was built to overcome all  the challenges mentioned above

OptimizePress works with WordPress.

OptimizePress is an all-in-one website builder that you use with WordPress.

As you have probably heard, WordPress is amazing and used by some of the world’s best companies.

Here’s what WordPress has to say about themselves:

27% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Essentially, you’re combining the #1 Blogging Solution with an amazing Online Business Website Builder



Some of our friends have used OptimizePress very successfully.

Just take a look at the PropertySpark website – it’s beautiful and functional:

This was built with OptimizePress!



There’s one more thing about OptimizePress

They have this incredible club that you can join where they continually send you new templates for your web pages.

Their member’s club looks like this:



Let’s recap on what you get with OptimizePress

  • Build web pages. You can create as many web pages for your services, courses or anything for that matter!
  • Write blogs. You can write blogs using the world’s best blogging service – WordPress.
  • Get leads. You will be able to generate traction through different lead capture features on OptimizePress
  • Look great. You will look great not only on desktop but on mobile too, which is equally important.

It goes without saying, we love OptimizePress



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