Top 20 Influencers Who Crush Social Media Marketing

Top 20 Influencers Who Crush Social Media Marketing


Everyone and their mother is talking about social media marketing.

These influencers got into the social media marketing game before it was trendy. They got in and made a name for themselves before it was “cool”.

They got in and made a name for themselves, but don’t let that detract you from stepping in yourself today. Companies like MangoMatter have been helping influencers and businesses reach their full potential online.

#20 Michele Romanow

Commonly known for her role as a lead investor on Dragon’s Den, Michele has blossomed herself into a social media superstar.

Her Instagram is filled with valuable information for entrepreneurs, students and anybody looking to take a step forward in life.

Michele has shown the world what hard work and dedication can do in just a few years!

#19 Joe Duncan

As the founder of Before5am, Joe Duncan has become a motivational and inspirational leader to many on social media.

His thoughts and words will push you to think deeper about your life and to ultimately take one step closer towards achieving inner happiness.

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#18 Ashley Zahabian

“I pull the best of you out of you.” Those are the first words on Ashely’s website and they are also the first words that come to mind when we think of Ashley Zahabian.

Ashley is a social media entrepreneur who is fighting to make the world a better place.

She is a public speaker, a philanthropist, and ultimately just the person you want to follow on social media!

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#17 Lalah Delia

Lalah is a certified Wellness Practitioner whose purpose here is to help others connect their mind, body and soul.

She is also the founder of Vibrate Higher Daily which is a platform that allows individuals to relax and reconnect with themselves.

Lalah is quickly growing into a social media sensation! Keep your eyes peeled.

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#16 Joel Brown

As the founder of Addicted2Success, Joel has become more than just a life coach, he is a life changer.

You can catch Joel on Instagram everyday responding to his fans, posting tips on how to get blast through the day, and much more.

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#15 Tom Bilyeu

Many of us in the bodybuilding community have grown to adore Quest bars for their macro friendly nutrients.

Guess what? Tom is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition who has now become a leader on Instagram that helps entrepreneurs surpass struggles.

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#14 Chris Thompson

Chris is the founder of SupDaily. On this platform, Chris blogs about his adventures, thoughts, and sometimes even recipes!

Originally, Chris began as a writer, host, and motivational speaker through YouTube.

His ideals and thoughts are still followed by many today.

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#13 Ben Newman

Ben is not just a speaker who inspires people, his work is known to drive people into action!

Ben teaches people how to think bigger and make the most out of their life.

“Our circumstances in life are much less significant than our responses to them.”

These are the words that Ben Newman lives by. If you want to be inspired more by Ben, follow his Instagram which is jam packed with tips and tools that you can use to get your life in gear today.

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#12 Caryn Nicole Paolini

Ladies, are you ready to reach your peak physical levels? Caryn will take you there.

Caryn is an Instagram sensation who has built herself to become one of the world leaders in female health on social media today!

If you are really aching to learn more, download her e-book “Train Like a Pro.”

#11 Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel, also known as Rich20Something, is the fastest growing icon on social media today! Recently he released his first book “Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life you Want.”

This book has gone viral across social media with celebrity endorsements from all over including Shark Tank’s Daymond John!

Follow Daniel on Instagram and get his book today!

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#10 Randall Pitch

Randall is the founder of Live Fit Apparel and is also living the life that every social media entrepreneur strives for!

If you want to learn more about Randall’s lifestyle, follow him on Instagram today!

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#9 Caron Butler

The life of Caron Butler has been far from normal. Growing up in a lower-class community, Caron was exposed to many things that young child should not see, however he used that to motivate himself and soon brought himself into the NBA where he played for multiple seasons and had a stellar career.

Today Caron Butler is giving back to society and is using social media as a catalyst to ensure that kids across America do not get exposed to the same life that he was once exposed to.

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#8 Gerard Adams

Gerard is the founder of the famous publication, Elite Daily, which he sold for over 50 million dollars!

Today Gerard is all over social media promoting his new venture “Fownders,” which is designed to help support inner city kids in the world of entrepreneurship.

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#7 Idil Ahmed

There is so much more to life than the materialistic life that we desire. That is something Idil preaches through her Instagram.

She opens the world up to the idea of conscious living and how we can utilize ourselves to benefit others.

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#6 Sam Kolder

Sam is a world traveller who has brought his camera with him on every journey. He has turned his experiences into visual montages which really evokes a connection between the viewer and the video.

Sam is a world class videographer and photographer. Be sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram right away!

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#5 Andy Frisella

Do you want to hear it straight up and real without all the fluff? That’s how Andy is going to give it to you.

Andy has been through all the ups and downs and entrepreneur can go through and he now uses YouTube and Instagram to help convey his solutions.

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#4 Grant Cardone

Grant is the best salesman on social media today.

He has built multimillion dollar businesses through his persuasive sales skills and has become a social media icon because of his talents.

If you are in sales, Grant Cardone is the guy you want to listen to.

#3 Arvin Lal

Arvin Lal is a physical representation that you can build your business and your body simultaneously.

Ignore the naysayers who claim you have to sacrifice one for the other. Arvin founded Shredz, which was the first major supplement company to take off through Instagram.

While Arvin is managing Shredz he is still able to find time through his personal Instagram to give tips and motivation to those seeking it.

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#2 Brian Tracy

Brian was a star far before social media took over our lives but even with the birth of social media, Brians presence continues to grow.

Brian is a speaker, writer, and author of many different works but his presence on Instagram inspires hundreds of thousands today!

#1 Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is one of the greatest social media influencers in the world right now. He’s The Godfather of social media marketing.

His passion for entrepreneurship and helping others is uncanny. Although his words may not always sound heart warming, you can always count on them to be as brutally honest as possible.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 20 Influencers Who Crush Social Media Marketing! We hope you check them out and of course, follow them!

The inclusion of influencers who crush social media marketing are based on research done by our business and online marketing experts at Influence Digest.

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