Top 20 Life Coaches In Toronto


Top Life Coaches In Toronto

The best coaches in Toronto is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Life Coaches In Toronto that are not only the best listeners but also the best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Life Coaches In Toronto that you can contact right now:

#20 Lisa Jeffs

Lisa ranks on this list due to her uncanny ability to promote and instill self-confidence in her clients.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. If you’re looking for that partner to keep you accountable and show you the ways, Lisa is it.

Visit her website.




#19 Kevin William Grant

His approach to counselling and life coaching supports his clients in taking decisive and transformational steps on their journey. Visit his LinkedIn profile and learn more!



#18 Pedro Afif

Pedro will help you develop better focus skills. If you are a growing entrepreneur, Pedro is the coach you need today. 

When you start working with him, you will see real results that you can be proud of. 

Check out his website


#17 Jeff and Ellen

With this couple coaching team you will learn how to take the charge of your responsibilities and actions.

Through Ellen’s methodology,  you will learn that everything comes from energy. The way you behave physically, mentally and emotionally is a reflection of your energy. 


#16 Jacquie Marshall

Jacquie is a high performing coach that will help you with your personal, social and professional challenges.

Recently, her client openly wrote about Jacquie’s services saying: “she is supportive, motivating, always professional and has a special ability to show me capacities not yet seen.”

She is a coach that will help you follow your own path and achieve your goals. 



#15 Floyd Spence 

For entrepreneurs, Floyd is one of the best coaches you will find, his experience of more than 20 years will help you to reach your maximum potential.

Floyd has taken tough childhood and leveraged it to grow into the champion he is today. He learned how to gain control of his mind and get to where he is now.

Floyd is a inspiration and a world class coach, visit his website.


#14 Kristy White

Kristy’s motto is “talking is a medicine for the mind and the heart.”

Visit her website and schedule an appointment to learn more about yourself.


#13 Kat Keller

The most amazing thing about Kat is the principles on which she bases her teachings on:

-“It’s never too late to change.”

-“You get what you focus on in life.” 

Based on all of this, it is the best prove to know that if you consult with her the results are going to be the best.


#12 Kevin Dunal

Kevin is a top tier leadership and performance coach.

His unique methodology proves that leadership can be measured and can be taught. 

With over 25 years experience, Kevin could be the coach that pushes your organization to the next level. 


#11 Nada Johnson

Nada works in a workplace full of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

The services that you are going to get with Nada are focused on career strategy, coaching, & mental health services.

She is a problem solver. Result-Oriented Consultant. Eternal Optimist. Visit her website to learn more!



#10 Jake Farr

Jake’s emphasis as a coach are helping in addictions and human sexuality. 

Do not be afraid to hide who you really are, we are all human and we are worth it.

Contact Jake Farr today and get your best adviser !

#9 Conor Gibbons

Conor Gibbons has over 10 years experience helping professionals lead a balanced life.

In his sessions, you can trust that privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. Just focus on what he teaches and the results will come. 


#8 Cheryl Pinto

The clarity that Cheryl gives is incredible!

You only have to visit her website and to find the answers you’re looking for.

Cheryl is living proof that when you want something and you think about it, you can achieve it. 

Follow her to learn more.


#7 Len Choptiany

Len’s beginnings as a coach start from his own experience while being a client of a therapist.

Unfortunately, he felt a lack of empathy with therapists and wanted to change that. 

Len also emphasizes on the concept of “You have the right to be who you are no matter what situation you are in.”

We encourage to learn more about Len and his services.


#6 Naranjan Nota

Naranjan is an inspiration to people from all over the world. Her work as a coach motivates,  helps individuals find their spiritual life.

Her values as a coach are based on: authenticity, integrity, commitment, intuition, and trust.

Naranjan has the skillset to help you achieve your goals. Visit her website and make an appointment.


#5 Corey R. Turnbull

If you are specifically looking for therapy for men, you have come to the right coach!

With Corey you will be able to speak freely without any judgement. Not only will you feel trust in him but his services are designed to help men who suffer from anxiety and depression.


#4 Katerina Alexopoulos

Katerina is one of the top life coaches in Toronto for a reason.

Her experience in spirtuality, yoga, and travel have helped her develop a skillset to help a wide variety of clients dealing with personal issues.

Learn a little more about her on her website.


#3 Robert Pal

With Robert you will learn to find your greatest strengths and use them to your advantage.

He is not just a friend you can chat with but a mentor that will help you achieve your personal and business goals.

His clients have openly noted that his refreshing personality makes working with him a true pleasure.


#2 Jonathan Tam

Dr.Jon Tam is a top career coach in his field.

His work will give you the clarity that you need to regain control of your career and live a fufilling life.

If you visit his website, you will find an option where you can do a totally free test on your personality.

Be sure to visit his website here!


#1 Michelle Anhang

Michelle draws on her own story to help others, her focus is women seeking empowerment and helping those women get out of difficult situations.

With years of experience, you can rest assured that you are working with a true expert in her craft.

Look for Michelle if you’re ready to take the next step of growth in your life journey.       



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