Top Coaches In Cambridge In 2022

Top 15 Coaches In Cambridge In 2022


Top 15 Coaches In Cambridge In 2022

Cambridge is one of England’s most important and traditional university cities and is undoubtedly renowned for its high education and culture. However, it is not just a university; it is home to a large community that offers a vast culture and history. At Influence Digest, we want to recognize the people who provide their skills and experience to support those seeking a clear path to personal and professional success. So without further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Cambridge in 2022 that you can contact right now:

Alisa Barcan

Alisa focuses on helping other coaches define and refine their business models so that they can grow financially and sustain themselves.

Her expertise helps her clients go from frustrated and overwhelmed to calm and strategic, all while getting paid for their coaching work.

Find out more about Alisa on her Linkedin profile.

Alisa Barcan


Claire Vintiner

Claire is a coach in Cambridge with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles, developing high-performing teams and delivering results, working alongside leaders and organizations to encourage change as an alternative to success.

She helps people who yearn to feel they make a significant difference in their work, guiding them to increase their leadership skills and find the energy and enthusiasm to achieve it.

Be sure to check out her Linkedin profile.


David Dean

David is a coach in Cambridge who has set himself the goal of creating an environment for work, career and professional life to be a great place to be and enjoy.

He is passionate about supporting his clients to achieve lasting changes or transitions in their careers and life.

If you want to know more about David, look at his Linkedin profile.

david dean


Denise Cruse

Denise is a life coach who loves to help people find that sweet spot where they can thrive, where life feels really good and goes at the pace they need to feel fulfilled and balanced.

For Denise, change is the foundation for being able to take the next step in the quest for success. It requires clarity, courage and confidence; with her help, you will unlock the fear that holds you back.

If you are looking for a winning coach, talk to Denise.

Denise Cruse


Eli Lefterova

Eli is a coach passionate about assisting her clients in making the right decisions for their personal and professional well-being.

She will help you get the clarity you need to be the master of your own journey and will accompany you in the process so that you don’t give up and reach your goals.

Contact her if you want to work with her.

Eli Lefterova

Jordi Escartín

Jordi is a leader passionate about improving and promoting flourishing organization’s ecosystems and transforming individual and collective mindsets by applying systems thinking.

His goal is always to succeed in every project he engages in and systemically views situations creating awareness, recognition and new possibilities for problem-solving.

Be sure to visit his Linkedin profile.

jordi escartín


Katherine Wiid

Katherine is an experienced coach who facilitates awareness and understanding of differences in people in a non-judgmental way. She focuses on solving workplace situations and increasing hiring accuracy leading to high retention and coaching professionals in their careers.

She helps recruiters better understand how to choose the best candidates for their organizations to progress in a more optimal way.

Find out more about Katherine on her Linkedin profile.

Katherine Wiid

Lucy Williamson

Lucy is a coach in Cambridge who offers her services in several areas, including helping high achievers with busy lives who want time and space to think, supporting people who are looking to realize their full potential and offering private coaching for people who feel they have been hiding the truth of who they are and are keen to find out.

If you want to learn more about Lucy, we invite you to look at her Linkedin profile.

lucy williamson

Mari Williams

If you feel that you are not satisfied with the way everything is going or you are tired of giving your best, and still, nothing is working for you, then with Mari’s help, you can untie all those knots that are holding you back, and you will achieve the progress you are longing for.

She uses specialized coaching principles to help people directly attack the problems holding them back and change them to chart a different path to success and job satisfaction.

Visit her profile to learn more about her.

Mari Williams


Melanie Coeshott

Melanie focuses on helping unfulfilled accountants and finance professionals to confidently manage their careers, gaining the fulfilment and rewards they deserve and desire.

She also helps professional women to develop their growth and to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

Find out more about Melanie on her Linkedin profile.

Melanie Coeshott


Sarah Anthony

If you are a coach, leader or consultant looking to improve your leadership skills and get better results with your clients or teams, Sarah can help you do just that.

Through her coaching programme, her clients develop from the inside out and gain confidence as they explore what it means to be “alive to themselves.”

Be sure to visit her online content.

Sarah Anthony


Sonja Kirschner

Sonja is a coach in Cambridge who is passionate about encouraging change and empowering ambitious people who are not fulfilling their full potential to shift their focus and tap into all their hidden qualities.

If you feel you are suffering emotionally and need more confidence, determination and drive, Sonja can help you change that mindset to that of a winner.

Follow her on Linkedin for the latest and greatest in coaching.

Sonja Kirschner

Tim Boutle

Tim specializes in helping leaders realize their full potential and help them set an example for their teams, and drive their organizations and businesses forward.

He has over 20 years of experience in business building and uses all of his skills to help organizations achieve financial and operational results.

To find out more about him, visit his Linkedin profile.

Tim Boutle



Tina McEwan

Tina is a career and business coach who works with leaders and individuals seeking to achieve career fulfilment and with companies interested in building a positive workplace to attract and retain top talent.

She is highly experienced in strategic planning, project management and evaluation of projects and investments.

Check her Linkedin profile to learn more!

tina mcewan


Wayne Hope

Wayne is a coach in Cambridge with experience in sales, recruitment and coaching roles that he uses to drive better business results and forge strong relationships with key stakeholders and clients.

His essential skills and strengths are recruitment, people management, sales, talent acquisition, team development and empowerment.

Make sure to make use of the helpful coaching info and content on Wayne’s profile.



We hope you enjoy the top 15 coaches in Cambridge in 2022!

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