Top 20 Coaches In Chapel Hill In 2021



Top Coaches In Chapel Hill In 2021

The best coaches in Chapel Hill is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find what we consider to be the best Coaches in Chapel Hill. To find these coaches, our research begins but is not limited to searching through their social media profiles, their websites and coach’s client testimonials.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Coaches In Chapel Hill in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Matt Angelo

Matt takes care to be with his clients on the journey to reach their full potential so that they can create a space for awareness and reflection aligned with their purpose.

Visit his profile to know what we are talking about.


Carol Brainard

Carol is a coach whose audience is senior executives and emerging leaders with a passion for constant improvement. She is recognized for her direct way of communication that allows her clients to improve their leadership and communication skills.

Know more about her here on Linkedin.


Dawn Carney-Meriwether

Don’t let the days go by without feeling that you are moving forward. Dawn will be there (if you decide to be her client) to support you as you move forward instead of backward.

Check out her Linkedin Profile.




Denise Corey

Her coaching sessions immerse her clients in effective and efficient solutions to problems to develop greater confidence and grow on a personal and professional level.

Learn more about Denise on her profile.




Mark Crouter

Mark helps those who feel they are in the midst of a career crossroads so that they are not forever stuck between a rock and a hard place. He also accompanies them in redefining themselves to become their best version.

Follow him on LinkedIn!


Pamela Green

Her target audience is executives, entrepreneurs and managers in transition; she helps them clarify their goals and create plans to achieve what they want.

To learn more about Pamela, visit her profile.



Conrad Hayter

Conrad is an Air Force veteran who is now dedicated to igniting passion in others to build a better world. His purpose is to grow leaders and help teams connect.

To get in touch with Conrad, visit his LinkedIn profile.


Kristin Ransford Hiemstra

Kristin is an excellent ICF (Professional Certified Coach) accredited mentor who works to help people improve their lives. Her audience is broad and includes families, businesses and individuals.

You can visit her profile here.



John Honor Jr

John Honor is the founding coach of The Honor Group. He founded it in April 2004 that focuses on helping clients establish and enhance robust and positive working relationships for the betterment of companies, teams, individuals and their families.

If you’re looking to get started now, contact John at his LinkedIn profile.


Teri Johnson

Teri Johnson is the president and founding partner of Personal Best Partners, LLC. She is an expert in using the StrenthsFinder assessment in coaching and focuses on finding existing strengths and building on them for excellent team development.

Visit her profile and stay informed.



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Allegra Jordan

Allegra is a professional coach with over 15 years in the field, including working in 17 countries and five continents in the public and private sectors. Her tools for developing and implementing executive leadership initiatives to create world-class leaders, teams and organizations are highly effective.

To get in touch with Allegra, visit her profile.



Joni Kollmer

Joni is a highly experienced coach, both in her international presence and her work with multiple disciplines. Her success is based on a combination of scientific insight, solid business experience and exceptional facilitation skills.

If you’re serious about having a boost, contact her now.



Sandy Lewis

Sandy believes that the path to finding results will always have to be about authenticity. If you decide to have her as your coach, she will be your partner in developing and strengthening your authenticity so that your results are excellent and long-lasting.

Visit her Linkedin here!


Edward M. Marshall

Edward assists organizations in growing high-level teams, giving importance to the “we” rather than the “I.” Collectivity will always be more potent than individualism, but you must have someone like Edward to work with your organization for it to be functional.

Learn more about Edward on his profile.




Emily O’Barr

Emily is an ICF accredited coach who believes that life is not what happens to you but rather a series of choices that each individual makes. Her passion is to help her clients define what has purpose and meaning for them, and to then to help them use those values to create meaningful and impactful action in the world.

Connect with her now!



Jim Richmond

Jim is an ICF-certified coach with over 20 years of experience helping executives make smooth professional and personal transitions. He intends to offer staffing strategies that help increase talent, reduce costs and accelerate performance.

Visit his profile to know what we are talking about.


Peggy Richmond

Peggy works with small and medium-sized businesses to increase profitability and enhance leadership skills. For growth to be healthy and sustainable, she focuses on developing the organization and its leaders.

Know more about her here on Linkedin.


Socary Rodriguez

Socary is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, founder and CEO of Inner Connection Coaching & Consulting. Her life purpose is to guide professionals to reinvent themselves to make room for fulfillment and enjoyment in their lives.

Check out her Linkedin Profile.




Denise Wolf

Her clients recognize Denise for her outstanding professionalism and inspiring manner. Her talent for helping others is evident, and she has a strong background in Operations (Quality and Communications).

Learn more about Denise on her profile.




Kimberly Eastman Zirkle

Kimberly as a coach is equipped to conduct excellent individual and group coaching sessions, and in facilitating programs that foster individual, team and organizational development.

Follow her on LinkedIn!


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We hope you enjoy the top coaches in Chapel Hill in 2021!


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