Top 15 Coaches In Durham In 2021


Top 15 Coaches In Durham In 2021

The best coaches in Durham is a tough list to compile with many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Coaches in Durham that will be your best listeners and your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Durham in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Angela Airall

Angela has a solid academic background, holding a PMD in Business Strategy from Harvard Business School, an MBA in Organizational Development from the University of Southern California and a Masters in Marketing/Marketing Management from Boston University. In addition, her coaching strategies are proven from Harvard Business School, and she also uses Oxford Leadership methodologies.

Check out her LinkedIn profile.



Josh Cohen

Josh’s purpose is to help people move from a less favourable situation to one where they feel more successful and happy. In each of his clients, he has been able to leave long-term value for them and others.

Let Josh show you how to achieve your goals! Visit his LinkedIn profile.


Kevin M. Crawford

Kevin is an executive coach who assists people in breaking patterns that prevent them from moving forward. Breaking them means starting to act in a positive, goal-focused way.

Visit his profile and learn more about him.


Daniel Evans

Daniel is a coach with excellent leadership skills in business. In 1979 he founded a family business that still exists today and can support others in creating and running their businesses.

Connect with him now!



Kris Gleason

Kris works with professionals who feel ready to take a step that introduces them to change and create a more productive and successful life but doesn’t know where to start.

Learn more about Kris on his profile.




Danny R. Glover

Danny is an executive coach who enjoys working with people and helping them identify what holds them back, breaking down those barriers, and finding success. He works with individuals, teams and organizations.

To learn more about Danny, visit his LinkedIn profile.


Dustin L Keener

Dustin is a life and leadership coach who feels complete in giving his all to others to generate positive growth in their lives. I feel fulfilled by serving others and seeing positive change in their lives.

To get in touch with Dustin, visit his LinkedIn profile.



Jane Norton

Jane is a sustainability-focused coach at Living Nature’s Design, which offers workshops, courses and transformational life and career coaching.

You can visit her profile here.



Katia Rave

Katia is the owner of a prominent business coaching company consistently featured in podcasts, magazines, news in the USA, and on stages internationally. After nearly two decades in business, hundreds of transactions, two books, and diverse joint ventures, Katia knows what drives sustainable personal and professional growth. In addition to her extensive business and sales experience, Katia is also a leadership performance coach who has learned and worked with top-performing teams, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and students from all walks of life. 

If you’re serious about making a change, contact Katia now.


Susan Sharpless

In 2021, you need a coach who is up to date with how the world works. In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to understand where your life is at. That’s why Susan’s robust coaching program is designed to align every action you take with your goals.

If you’re looking to get started now, contact Susan at her LinkedIn profile.




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Sanyin Siang

Thinkers50 named Sanyin as the world’s most influential coach. She coaches C-Suite teams and develops programs that unleash human capital and talent, tapping into hidden potential.

To get in touch with Sanyin, visit her profile.




Marcia A. Simpson

Marcia is a coach who will always be challenging. Under her company, you will have to think outside the box, find different solutions and bring out your creativity and artistic sense (even if you feel you don’t have one) to see everything from a perspective you never had before.

If you’re looking for a proven winner, look no further than Marcia. You can contact her here.



Allegra Sinclair

Through 1:1 conversations, Allegra helps mid-career professionals identify their purpose to feel more fulfilled. She also works with groups and offers online training courses.

Visit her LinkedIn profile here.



Karen Tax

Karen has successfully managed a large number of projects that seemed unrecoverable. She has managed to rescue teams from overwork and demotivation by using her knowledge of human behaviour to bring out the best in people during difficult times.

Learn more about Karen on her profile. 



Tina Wilson

Tina is a certified executive coach with unique expertise in global communications, corporate citizenship initiatives and community engagement, with a proven track record of impactful problem-solving.

Visit her LinkedIn profile to know more.




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We hope you enjoy the top 15 coaches in Durham in 2021!


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