Top 20 Coaches In Geneva In 2021



Top Coaches In Geneva In 2021

The best coaches in Geneva is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best coaches in Geneva that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Coaches In Geneva in 2021 that you can contact right now:

#20 Maria Paiva Caiuby

She is a certified coach with over 15 years of experience, passionate about the power of each person and how they write the story of their own success.

She has an impressive profile.




#19 Sabine McCarthy

While someone may seem to be doing well on the surface, they might often face underlying problems. Sabine’s program is designed to dig deep, find the root cause of your issues, and determine the fastest way to resolve them.

Follow her on LinkedIn for the latest and greatest in coaching.


#18 Bill Zeeb

One of 24 Master Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaches globally,  Bill helps successful leaders and teams measurably improve collaboration and performance.




#17 Esther Goette

Ester specializes in executive coaching and is passionate about working with clients who want to grow and develop their capabilities. 

Become a part of her impressive following through her profile.



#16 Marcos Val  

Entering the business market can be difficult, but if you’re in Geneva just connect with Marcos and it’ll be a breeze. 

Check out all his specialties on his LinkedIn profile.




#15 Nathalie Ducrot

Nathalie recognizes the power of coaching and knows that it is a key factor for change. Her profile is very well managed, with awesome content.



#14 Eliane Tournier

Thinking about improving? She helps her clients to create a clearer focus, get inspired and achieve the expected results.

Visit her on LinkedIn.


#13 Sophie d’Hooghe

She is a certified coach and supports people to have the maximum personal satisfaction, with her you will achieve a fuller life.

You can tell by her LinkedIn that she is a real pro.



#12 Xavier Scholl

With his experience of more than 30 years, Xavier accompanies leaders to improve their quality of life.

Visit his profile to learn more.


#11 Karin Casutt

In her training as a coach, she found her passion for helping others and accompanying them in a different way and enjoys creating sincere relationships.

Karin has experience in many areas that you will want to know about!




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#10 Panos Moumtzis

The definition of solidarity was earned by Panos, he has dedicated his life to helping others and as a coach he seeks to help his clients develop their maximum potential.

Learn more about him by visiting his profile.



#9 Celine Burki

Thanks to her experience of more than 10 years in the project sector, she created her service approach to project management.

Head over to Celine’s profile for some impressive content.




#8 Renatus Hoogenraad

His specialty is service innovation, he loves to create authentic teams focused on getting the best out of human beings.

Check out his LinkedIn.


#7 Christine Brossard

Christine will help you achieve your desired result through a proven and systematic plan from start to finish.

She helps you to consciously create a new version of your business. Check out her LinkedIn to stay updated with her!



#6 Kevin Hamon

He is thrilled with the progress one has by realizing one’s capabilities, loves entrepreneurship and helps his clients in a methodical way.

Visit his LinkedIn.



#5 Hélène Aubry Denton

It’s time to reach your most ambitious goals and live the life of your dreams with Hélène.

She has highly respected for listening and understanding the needs of clients. Follow her LinkedIn.


#4 Timothy James Fieldsend

His passion is to connect with people and show them how they can develop their full potential and personal satisfaction.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.


#3 Flora Bami

Her mission is to support people on the path of life, we would like to highlight something she says and that is:

” Better people, better world!

Happier people, happier world!”

Visit Flora’s LinkedIn to get a closer look at the benefits of coaching!




#2 Jens Broll

Through executive coaching, Jens helps each individual take the next step for personal and professional growth.

His content on his profile is amazing, check it out!






#1 Sakina Aubert

We know that we are always facing constant changes, with Sakina you will be able to live through these changes with serenity and calm.

Want to learn more about her style of coaching? Follow her on LinkedIn!




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We hope you enjoy the top coaches in Geneva in 2021!


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