Top 15 Coaches In Glasgow In 2021


Top 15 Coaches In Glasgow In 2021

The best coaches in Glasgow is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find what we consider to be the best Coaches in Glasgow. To find these coaches, our research begins but is not limited to searching through their social media profiles, their websites and coach’s client testimonials.

We compile this information and we want to recognize some of them who we consider are excellent in their work. Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In Glasgow in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Diana Adamko

Diana is the ideal coach for women who feel that their business is stuck and unable to feel fulfilled. With her company, you will connect with your desires and a plan to grow your business.

Follow her; she has an impressive profile.




Nicola Barrington

Nicola’s way of working consists of science-based coaching and psychological interventions. Her experience is over 25 years.

Her content on her profile is fantastic. Check it out!



Karla Benske

Karla offers personal and executive coaching, career coaching and team coaching. She also offers workshops related to diversity and managing complex conversations.

Karla’s profile will make you want to live your best life. Visit her
LinkedIn now!


Susan Coull

Susan is the founder of Coull Coaching LTD and works with organizations in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Her experience in addition to coaching includes training and behavioural change based on Jungian psychology.

Learn more about Susan on her profile on 


Ken Dalgleish

Ken specializes in senior management and has more than 20 years of experience in this field. His clients are large organizations ranging from the public sector to SMEs.

His profile is spectacular – why aren’t you following him yet?!



Darren Green

Darren currently works at Work In Progress Coaching, where he helps his clients find the best version of themselves to feel satisfied with their life projects.

We love seeing how he keeps her followers informed and up to date through his 



Scott Johnston

Scott is a coach with a mostly communicational approach and will help you make your way of expressing yourself better and more appealing to others. He is a coach highly appreciated by his clients, and that is evident in the number of validations he has on his profile and the reviews you can read about him.

Check out his profile to stay updated with him!



Diane Lurie

Sometimes results seem impossible, but none will be if you allow yourself to work with Diane. She is a high-performance leadership coach and brand strategist who helps her clients find their power.

Her program is designed to help people just like you.




Ombretta Mancini

Ombretta is the founder and current director of Own Your Step, a coaching company that combines family values with the insight of the business world so that companies can impact their surrounding communities and their economy.

Head over to her 
profile for some unique content.


Susanne McCabe

Susanne’s clients are people who carry high work stress to achieve their goals without affecting their health and well-being.

Her LinkedIn is very well managed with some excellent content.




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Elspeth McLachlan

Her role as an executive coach is to enable her clients to set medium and long-term goals and to have a solid plan to achieve them. She has worked with both the public and private sectors.

Elspeth’s profile is impressive, be sure to check it out.



Kirstie McLachlan

Kirstie is an ICF certified coach and coach supervisor. Her expertise is predominantly in coaching for leadership development in various sectors.

Whatever you’re looking for in authentic coaching, you’ll find it by following Kirstie! 






Külli Nurk

Külli has a very defined coaching program, with a series of 1:1 conversations lasting ten weeks. Its objective is to help you connect with yourself, your projects and your goals so that you can achieve satisfying relationships on both a personal and work level.

You can tell by her Linkedin presence that she is a real pro.



Lynsey Weir

The tools Lynsey has acquired through her coaching experience, have helped her clients achieve their goals and be successful (depending on what that means to them). Her passion is helping people find their best selves.

Connect with her on LinkedIn.



Glenn Widelko

Glenn is an executive coach with 20 years of national and international experience. Over those years, he has worked with many individuals and organizations, delivering a wide range of world-class learning solutions across multiple brands and industries.

His profile has incredible content.



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We hope you enjoy the top 15 coaches in Glasgow in 2021!

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