Top 20 Coaches In Houston In 2021



Top 20 Coaches In Houston In 2021

At Influence Digest, we like to bring out the good in people. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to finding excellent coaches worldwide; today, to those in Houston. The search to find these professionals is mainly based on their certification, their online presence and testimonials from clients we can find.

After compiling this information, we want to recognize some of them who we consider excellent in their work. Without further word, here are the best coaches in Houston in 2021 that you can contact now!

Kathy Bowersox

Kathy is a coach with vast experience in achieving better performance individually and organizationally. Through proven tools, she generates accelerated growth and successful lives and businesses.

Contact her today.


Andrew Buchan

Andrew is an excellent business coach and, together with his team, can help business owners perform more efficiently in terms of time and human resources and financially.

If you are looking for a coach that will truly want the best for you, look no further because that is Andrew.





David Creel

The process with David begins with a simple call to discover your current situation, what your life goals are, and if anything is holding you back from achieving them. After that first call, a whole world of discovery will be the path to a satisfyingly successful life.

We are pleased to include David on this list for his incredible performance, results, and reviews!


Lillian Davenport

Lillian’s work focuses on helping women leaders of various sizes thrive as managers. In the process, they will develop a great deal of self-confidence, which is the key to making a significant change in their lives.

That is why we are so honored to have Lillian on this list.




Hind Farag

Hind is an executive coach with 20 years of experience serving players in the energy industry. Her way of working goes beyond the traditional, as she has a deep knowledge of the different sectors of the industry.

Adding Hind to this list was a necessity. She is capable of designing and implementing amazing structural and cultural transformations.



Allison Goldberg

For Allison, her clients are not just clients; they become partners. With her, personalized strategies can be explored to help achieve personal and work goals, bridging the gap between want and can.

Allison’s coaching has proven time and time again to be the best fit.



Raquel Hopkins

Raquel is a professional coach who keeps her clients on a constant quest for improvement, keeping them moving towards their goals all the time. Her coaching techniques are the perfect fertilizer to cultivate success.

If you are looking for a winning coach, talk to Raquel.




Suresh Iyengar

Suresh is a business coach, the perfect company to make your business more visible, generate more profits, create a good working environment, and increase your team’s productivity. All this is achieved through a strategic plan tailored to your needs.

With Suresh, we can confidently say that he is the right coach for your goals.


Tina Marie (Jones)

Tina works in one-on-one sessions with leaders and in group sessions with teams that need to have difficult but critical conversations, transforming the organizational culture.

Contact her through her LinkedIn profile.



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Prafull Kumar

Prafull is a chemical engineer by profession (over 40 years ago) and has been focused on project management for over a decade. In addition, during that decade, he has been engaged in helping to bring the dreams of individuals and teams to reality.

His profile is amazing, check it out.



Ijeoma Nwaogu

Ijeoma received her training as a leadership coach at the Doerr Institute. Later, she founded EVERLEAD, LLC, a leadership coaching and consulting firm, where she is the current CEO. She is also the founder and co-coach of Success HER Way.

What are you waiting for to check out her profile?



Susan Odell

Susan has a great background and experience that makes her practical and impactful work. She gets her clients to make decisions and changes that meet their own needs and those of the organization.

Contact her today.




Jared Polak

Jared chose coaching more than 13 years ago as the engine that can accelerate people’s self-knowledge to understand their potential, their abilities and how to use them to achieve success.

His profile is stunning, be sure to check it out.



Syeda Rafia Fasih

Syeda is a coach with a combined knowledge of information technology and administrative experience, which allows her to analyze situations objectively. Her main goal is to ensure that others can remain empowered in themselves and in wellness.

Be sure to check out her LinkedIn profile.


Ken Roseboom

Ken supports leaders when they begin to feel stuck or when they have many challenges they don’t know how to address. His work enables them to enrich their leadership skills and create high-performing teams.

Find out what we saw on his profile.










Glenn Smith

Glenn advises and coaches business leaders and owners to understand and know how to measure the performance of themselves and their businesses. He also helps them achieve a more significant impact as leaders with their teams.

Check out the fresh content on his profile.




Paul Strobl

Paul has over two decades of experience working with entrepreneurs and executives to help them design and live their ideal life. His work comprises the best MBA programs in entrepreneurial mindset, getting his clients to minimize and eliminate their mental barriers. In addition, he is fluent in Spanish.

Please get to know hiks experience by checking out his profile.


D. Marie Wagner

Coaching is one of the most prestigious and respected fields in the world. Why? Because coaches have built the foundations for the most outstanding performers of our time. Coaches have trained most people we idolize. For that reason, we have included Marie on this list. She is one of the best coaches in her industry and is truly on a mission to impact the lives of those she works with.

Do you want to know her client’s testimonials? Check them out on Marie’s LinkedIn profile.



Doug Winnie

Doug is a business coach who has managed throughout his experience to add substantial value to the financial statements of multiple organizations he has worked with.

He constantly adds excellent content to his profile. Keep actualized by checking it out.



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We hope you enjoy the top 20 coaches in Houston in 2021!


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