Top 20 Coaches In London In 2021



Top 20 Coaches In London In 2021

The best coaches in London in 2021 is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best coaches in London that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Coaches In London in 2021 that you can contact right now:

Sara ‘Zora’ Boas

Zora is an award-winning expert who has coached individuals from 100 countries and five continents for more than 30 years. Zora was a recipient of the Top 30 Global Gurus’ Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence’ in 2007, an award given to individuals for the practicality and originality of their ideas. 

Don’t forget to check out her LinkedIn profile.



Caitlin Foley

Caitlin works enhancing individual’s leadership capabilities. She can help her clients conduct critical conversations calmly and effectively.

Be sure to visit her profile.


Zoran Todorovic

Zoran is a Master Certified Coach and Facilitator in TNM Coaching who has worked with global organizations such as The United Nations, Microsoft Mobile, and others. He coaches senior executives to strengthen their executive presence through leadership.

Check out Zoran’s LinkedIn profile.



Alex Kergall

Alex has just been awarded the Innovative Executive Coach of the Year award due to his industry-changing GPI, a way to measure the results of his executive coaching methods, proving ROI for businesses and clients. He is currently working with 17 executives from Deliverect (amongst others), one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. Alex is ICF certified and is now a leading expert in London for the coaching industry.

Visit his profile to learn more.


Frans Campher

Frans is an experienced executive coach who has worked with senior leaders and executives at a high level to enhance their skills. Working with him, you’ll get much more than coaching. You’ll get a partner. 

Visit his LinkedIn now!




Kim Morgan

Kim believes in the power of coaching, not only for CEOs but also for parents and families. She has received different certifies such as The Barefoot Coaching Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching and ICF Master Certified Coach. Her working areas include teams and group coaching, senior teams, and organizations.

Her profile has all the details. Check it out.



Ian Paterson

His passion is to help individuals and teams succeed in their lives, business, and careers. Ian will help you be more strategic in your thinking and actions, with an eye toward the future.

Please take a look at his LinkedIn now to learn more.




Charlotte Frische

Charlotte is a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the Global Professional Coaching Body (ICF). Her clients describe her as ‘Intelligent,’ ‘Incisive,’ ‘Creative,’ ‘Energetic,’ and ‘Honest.’ 

After browsing through her online content, you’ll be tempted to invest in yourself.





Carolyn Hawley

Carolyn’s specialties are Coaching & Leadership Development, and Career Coaching. She uses the Grief Recovery Method to help you moving forward and support yourself in changing times.

Her profile will fill you in on all the details.

Pauline Hughes

Pauline is a certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with a long experience building better teams. Her career has been shaped by her ability to inspiring individuals and groups to achieve their desired goals. Contact Pauline today and get your best coach.




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Vivien Hunt

Vivien works with senior leaders and their teams to find fast growth for their organization. She helps leaders get better results and be more reliable for their teams, increasing confidence in themselves and their organization.

Connect with her on LinkedIn!




Kate Hammer

Kate coaches individuals in multiple aspects of their life, such as work and life, to help them reach integrity and self-confidence. She is a coach certified by the ICF.

Make sure to check out her excellent profile.







Ali Tumay

Ali is an international Coach Federation (ICF ) approved Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 700 hours of experience coaching individuals and groups. He has worked in global companies, which has allowed him to understand diverse environments and working groups.

His profile is stunning, so be sure to check it out.



Tony Gregg

Tony’s experience is based on retail executive search recruitment. With a certification of the ICF, he is one of the top coaches in the city.

Just follow him online, and you’ll understand why Tony’s clients love him.



Navid Nazemian

Are you looking for an Executive Transition Coach? Navid could be the person you’ve been searching for, for a long time. He has over 20 years of experience in admired companies. As a coach, he will accompany you to enhance your leadership role.

Follow Navid online to keep up to date with his work and recommendations.


Jean Balfour

Jean has been a coach for over 20 years, and she strongly believes in the importance of being happy at work. The key is to allow yourself to be a human all the time; this will let you establish meaningful relationships and maximize your well-being.

If you want to know more about the benefits of coaching, visit Jean’s LinkedIn.



Sepideh Ford

After working in the Aerospace industry for over 12 years, she felt a calling to pursue her passion for being a Coach. Sepideh’s focus is on leadership coaching for behavioral change. She helps leaders to achieve positive, long-term, and measurable behavioral change. 

Visit Sepideh’s profile to get a closer look at how she can help you and your team.


Lazaro Wolf

Making a change depends on you: you must evaluate your behavior with your expectations. Fortunately, Lazaro is there to help you in this process: he uses a broad spectrum of Relational Gestalt and Org techniques. Psychology combined with cutting-edge Lean and Agile tools.

Haven’t you seen his long experience? Do not miss out on all his excellent content online.



Nicky Chambers

Nicky’s mission is to help you find what matters for you. Maybe you have a lot of excitement about changing, but you don’t know how to get through it. She will give you the skills to have a fundamental transformation and find a purpose.

Her great LinkedIn is what can catch our eye.


Laure Fraval

You think you’ve evaluated all the possibilities, but the truth is you haven’t. Laure is passionate about “opening” new opportunities and will help you reach your desired goals using well-tested coaching approaches.

To learn more about her, visit her profile!



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We hope you enjoy the top 20 coaches in London in 2021!


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