Top 20 Coaches In Raleigh In 2021



Top 20 Coaches In Raleigh In 2021

The best coaches in Raleigh in 2021 is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best coaches in Raleigh that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Coaches In Raleigh in 2021 that you can contact right now:

DeLisa Alexander

DeLisa is a coach passionate about supporting people in their development and discovering their unique added value, not only for individuals but also for teams, making organizations more durable.

Her profile has all the details; check it out.



Shane Arthur

Shane is an executive coach who sees in leaders their natural talent and helps them empower themselves and project themselves as better leaders so that they can achieve all they were born for.

Visit Shane’s
profile now to learn more.



Phil Bejarno

Phil is an excellent coach capable of working with leadership at all senior levels. His process is proven and he has been successful in helping his clients achieve their goals and success.

After browsing through Phil’s online content, you’ll be tempted to invest in yourself.


Monica Binger

Monica approaches coaching from the heart so that her clients can find the side of themselves that feels safe and confident and ready to unleash their full potential.

Her profile will fill you in on all the details.

Pam Boney

Pam is the founder and CEO of Her area of expertise is psychology, and she obtained her coaching certification with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Contact Pam today and get your best coach yet. 



John Brock

John is an executive coach with a long list of clients that will give you an idea of his excellent work. He focuses mainly on leaders to help them redefine themselves and turn difficult situations into opportunities.

His profile has all the details; check it out.



Jeffrey Cohen

Jeffrey’s clients are comprised of senior executives facing a life change, whether business or career. After a thorough analysis of the situation, Jeffrey designs a tailored coaching plan to bring the desired results.

Visit Jeffrey’s profile now to learn more.



Terry Conlon

Terry is a coach geared towards people running startups or people who need to redefine their careers. He has experience as a leader in the manufacturing and technology sectors and has his own consulting and coaching business.

After browsing through Terry’s online content, you’ll be tempted to invest in yourself.


Julia Curtis

Julia is an experienced coach who accompanies people on individual and personal challenges to achieve business results. She knows how teams are affected by the change and corporate culture change.

Her profile will fill you in on all the details.

Brandi Nicole Johnson

Brandi is a seasoned executive aware of her talents and enjoys sharing them with others. Three years ago, she founded her coaching company called Estella Elaine.

Contact her today and get your best coach yet. 






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Darryl La Face

Darryl has the ability, through conversation, to identify, reinforce and focus the potential of his clients so that they can use it to the advantage of their organizations. He has fourteen years of senior management experience and twenty-four years as a consultant.

His content online is unique: check it out.


Mike Manning

Mike is a business coach who enjoys helping small business owners make their businesses thrive. He intends to support others to find enjoyment in their lives as small business owners and managers.

Make sure to check out his excellent profile.



Sherri McManus

Sherri is a coach who supports people in their personal and professional growth through proven methodologies and practices. She is also an authoritative trainer on diversity and inclusion.

Her LinkedIn profile is stunning, so be sure to check it out.


David Mineo

David is a coach and current CEO of DLMIneo Consulting, LLC, which helps organizations develop to meet their goals. His training as an executive coach was through the University of Georgia’s Continuing Education Program.

Just follow him online, and you’ll understand why David’s clients love him.



Bob Moore

Bob is a coach focused on CEOs of professional service firms who are willing to implement a three-step process to accelerate temporary and financial freedom progress.

Follow Bob online to keep up to date with his work and recommendations.


Krista Moore

Krista has been coaching thousands of people for thirty years to lead more purposeful, passionate and fulfilling lives and careers. Her passion for her work came about because she also felt confused and stuck at some point.

If you want to know more about the benefits of coaching, visit Krista’s


Benjamin D. Reese

Dr. Reese is a clinical psychologist and president of BenReese, LLC, a global diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm in North Carolina, USA.

Visit Benjamin’s profile to get a closer look at how he can help you.


Paige Ritchie

Paige has over fifteen years of experience, and her approach to her clients’ situations results in them experiencing amazing transformations with solid foundations in all areas of their lives.

Do not miss out on all her excellent content online.

Rich Ruhmann

Rich is an executive coach with over 25 years of experience. He currently focuses on Leadership Neuropoiesis, understanding how leaders make decisions and their behavioural patterns support or harms them.

His great LinkedIn profile is what caught our eye.




Karl Sakas

Karl’s approach is quite specific, helping digital agency owners take control of their business, overcome adverse situations, and achieve many of their goals. His work spans six continents.

Visit Karl’s profile to learn more.



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We hope you enjoy the top 20 coaches in Raleigh in 2021!


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