Top 15 Coaches In San Jose In 2022


Top 15 Coaches In San Jose In 2022

San Jose is known for being one of the major technology centers in California. It is surrounded by hills and has a historic downtown district that is quite attractive, but the unique appeal of this city is not only the technology or the mountain; it also has excellent coaches. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best coaches in San Jose that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 15 Coaches In San Jose in 2022 that you can contact right now:

Roger Barney

Roger is an executive coach who seeks accelerated success for his clients, works hand-in-hand with them and provides them with many tools for individual and organizational growth. He also wants the companies he works with to position themselves in changing markets.

He has an impressive profile.


Alison Bechtel-Clark

Alison seeks to personalize the process with her clients to understand each client’s needs to achieve their long-term financial goals. Technology has become an excellent tool for her to work hand in hand with her clients throughout the process. This coach seeks that the people who work with her build a plan from daily habits to achieve success.

Follow Alison on her profile for the latest and greatest in coaching.

Chandra Brooks

Chandra is the founder of The Powerhouse Academy, believing faithfully in igniting a movement for change and equality. She has succeeded in creating coaching and consulting program that seeks women and women of colour’s empowerment and transformation. This coach encourages them to take ownership of their power and strength to become focused leaders in business, lives and communities.

Chandra’s profile will make you want to live your best life.





Juliette Creech

Juliette creates strategies, facilitates, and designs plans to work with individuals, groups and organizations through classes and workshops. She seeks to identify her clients’ challenges and conceptualize, pursue and implement effective solutions to achieve their goals.

Become a part of her impressive following through her profile.



Kat Da Silva

Kat has been focused on program management and commercial office management for five years. She is characterized by great empathy, which has allowed her to forge excellent skills in communicating and interacting successfully with executives, suppliers and other staff. In addition, she has great organizational and management skills great support to achieve success.

Check out all her specialties on her LinkedIn profile.


Megan Dino

Megan focuses on young people, recent graduates, millennials, women, students parts of minorities and first-generation. She looks for her clients to find what’s next in their careers by following what they want and not what friends and family expect.

Megan’s profile is very well managed, with awesome content.



Angie Eagan

Angie is an outstanding professional, possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills. People who have worked with Angie describe this coach as passionate, attentive, and highly capable of designing strategies that motivate and guide those who work with her to achieve success. 

Visit her profile on LinkedIn.


Lana Hill

Lana is a coach with over nine years of experience. She seeks to transform lives through her work because she loves how her clients change when they find the career development they have been looking for.

You can tell by her LinkedIn that she is a real pro.



Sheyna James

Sheyna offers executive coaching, career coaching and leadership training to grow her clients’ businesses. Sheyna focuses on helping her clients develop their full potential and trains them to relate better to teams. In addition, she always seeks to inspire with what she does to achieve success.

Visit her profile to learn more.


Tiffanie Le

As a career coach, Tiffanie has focused on professional development, case management and job search, all for her clients to achieve their goals.

Do you want to take your organization to the next level? Visit Tiffanie’s profile to learn how.



Jerry W Moore

Jerry’s professional life has been focused on CEOs and management boards guiding them in generating ideas, concepts, products, partnerships, and strategies that drive their businesses, finances, and images, proving inspirational to their staff.

Learn more about him by visiting his profile.



Kate Pruett

Have you been struggling to reach a goal? Do you constantly find yourself falling short? Are you lacking accountability? If you said yes to any of these questions, then get in touch with Kate right now! Her program is designed to help people just like you.

Head over to Kate’s profile for some fantastic content.




Ren Serrano

Ren is a coach with international experience, which has given him agility, wit and confidence in what he does. He wants his clients to develop their full potential and inner strength in their business life as he does. He also has great empathy, allowing him to connect with his clients and help them generate strategies that meet their needs.

Check out his LinkedIn.


Kim Tran

Kim is a progressive and motivational coach who has extensive knowledge of business, administrative, industrial and cultural areas. She believes in a world of change, so she seeks to help her clients adapt and have a transformational mindset. She focuses on executive leadership, social responsibility, commitment and business success.

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Kim Williams

Kim has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focusing on business management and experience in marketing and finances, seeking a secure future for her clients through various strategies.

We love seeing how she keeps her followers informed and updated through her LinkedIn; follow her on her profile!



We hope you enjoy the top coaches in San Jose in 2022!

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