Top 20 Coaches In Zurich In 2022



Top 20 Coaches In Zurich In 2022

Zurich, located in the north of Switzerland, is known as the world center of banking and finance. However, there is something else this city has: excellent coaches. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find what we consider the best Coaches in Zurich, and we want to recognize some of them who are excellent in their work.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Coaches In Zurich in 2022 that you can contact right now:

Nadie Ahmeti

Nadie’s mission is to accompany as many women as possible towards a full and self-determined life in which they unfold their true selves and do what they love. To do this, she uses tools she has developed over more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Follow her; she has an impressive profile.











Kelly Baader

Kelly is a woman with incredible leadership and outstanding speaking skills. She is the founder of Entrepreneurs LLC, and with her organization, she intends to accompany entrepreneurs and business owners to design and execute business plans that have influence, revenue and high impact globally.

Her content on her profile is fantastic. Check it out!



Alfred Behn-Eschenburg

Alfred is a career transition consultant and business coach with international experience, understanding cultural contexts and multilingual (English, German, Portuguese and Spanish). Throughout his life, he has held various leadership roles.

Alfred’s profile will make you want to live your best life. Visit his LinkedIn now!


Dario Cucci

Dario states that “sales growth comes from knowing how to build relationships with your prospects, customers and team.” Based on this, we can confidently say that his programs are designed to get there without being generic, as well as his programs can be tailored to particular cases. Learn more about Dario on his profile on LinkedIn.


Caspar Fröhlich

Caspar is an executive coach  located in Zurich whose purpose is to support the teams in charge of leading medium-sized companies in aligning the business plan and the company’s goals to take the company to the next level.

His profile is spectacular – why aren’t you following him yet?!


Gabriela Gal

Gabriela is an experienced Organizational Psychologist and Leadership and Career Coach with extensive knowledge of HR and change management. Throughout her time in practice, she has transformed people to develop teams and organizations.

We love seeing how she keeps her followers informed and up to date through her LinkedIn.



Daniel Gauchat

Daniel has been working in the marketing and media world for more than 20 years. Throughout that time, he has worked with both agencies and private clients. So don’t get stuck without knowing how to best showcase your brand; Daniel will help you go further.

Check out his profileto stay updated with him!



Barbara Glaser

Barbara has nearly ten years of experience as a business, executive and leadership coach for teams, organizational development and management consulting (strategy and process optimization) in the world of banking, finance, and business. That’s why we’ve considered her as one of the top 20 coaches in Zurich.

Her program is designed to help people just like you.



Christian Frei

Christian successfully achieves reinvention in the organizations where he intervenes because he focuses on the power of change through talents and organizations working as a network. His key as a coach is that he believes in the talent of others and that at a certain point, their full potential will be unleashed if they feel aligned with the purpose, feel part of the plan and are aware of their value.

Head over to his profile for some unique content.


Eva Huszak

Eva is a coach with economics as her core profession. As a consultant, she has ten years of experience and is characterized by dynamic and results-oriented thinking.

Her LinkedIn is very well managed with some excellent content.


Andy Kauffmann

Andy has been supporting both leaders and companies in complex transformations they may experience since 2013. His way of working is based on his successful career as a professional athlete and manager.

Follow him on his LinkedIn profile.


Katrin Lüthi

Katrin has an extensive background as a consultant and organizational coach and knows the requirements of teams, leaders and project managers in depth thanks to her years of work as a software engineer. In her sessions she combines tools from agile contexts with Lego or proven methods of systemic consulting (or creates her own games).

Katrin’s profile is impressive, be sure to check it out.



Jochen Nickel

Jochen is a business coach based on neurolinguistic programming and NVC, focused on IT-related executives. He has special questioning techniques for solution design, business coaching and decision making.

Whatever you’re looking for in authentic coaching, you’ll find it by following Jochen! 






Maja Popp

Maja has a proven track record designing and implementing global Leadership and Talent development programs. She has coached leaders at many different levels to help them deal with the complex situations they face.

You can tell by her Linkedin presence that she is a real pro.



Dominique Raymond Rychner

Dominique will help you turn your life and situation around if you are determined to do so. Her experience, tools and skills will help you find clarity to make decisions.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.



Simone Thöni

In 2022, you need a coach who’s up to date with how the world works. In the modern-day, it’s more important than ever to understand where you stand with your career and business life. That’s why Simone’s robust coaching program is designed to align every action you make with your goals.

Her profile has an incredible content.



Dr. Anja Wagner-Meyer

Dr. Anja is the coach who wants to develop and grow in confidence, agility, awareness, and leadership. We are so honoured to have her on this list! Her vast years of experience have solidified her position as one of the best coaches in Zurich.

Take a look at her awesome LinkedIn profile.


Matt Ward

Matt is a qualified coach in experienced growth, strategy, marketing and fundraising tactics for more significant business impact. He has years of experience building and exiting companies, helping them go one step further.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.



Dr. Robert Wegener

Dr. Robert offers business coaching for professionals, leaders and teams; life coaching for individuals, couples and families; and supervision for people working in consulting.

His profile has an amazing content.



Roman Wyrsch

Roman is a once in a lifetime kind of coach. His years of expertise and proven results solidify him as one of the top coaches in Zurich. So if you’re serious about making a change in your business and life, contact him today.

What are you waiting for to check out his excellent content on his LinkedIn profile?

We hope you enjoy de top 20 coaches in Zurich in 2022!

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