Top 19 Linkedin Influencers That You Need To Follow In 2018


Top Linkedin Influencers of 2018

Linkedin has quickly become a vital part of the social media world for business professionals. Connecting with people from all types of business backgrounds is not only beneficial to business practice but inspiring. Like other social media platforms, Linkedin has some major influencers that are a must follow! 

1. Adam Grant

A bestselling author and writer for the New York Times, you can find Grant covering a range of topics on his Linkedin page. Interested in creativity, generosity, or career advice? Head over to Grant’s page and start following him stat! It’s no secret why Adam is on the list of the top LinkedIn influencers. `




2. Joel Peterson

This Stanford Business school professor, private equity investor and Chairman of JetBlue has an impressive Linkedin page. His articles focus on trust, organizational behavior, and career development,




3. Susan Cain

Known for her bestselling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,  Cain’s articles focus on introversion and how to understand the value of introverts in the workplace. 





4. Gretchen Rubin

As a well-known author, Rubin’s best-known book is The Happiness Project. She has quickly become one of the most influential speakers and writers on the topics of habits and happiness.







5. Whitney Johnson 

Johnson’s Linkedin articles show readers how to pivot their careers and accelerate growth. She is all about personal disruption. Her most recent book is Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work.




6.  Bernard Marr

 Love data? Then Marr is a must follow! His articles range from big data, analytics, and enterprise performance to career and leadership advice.




7. Sallie Krawcheck

Not only is Krawcheck the Chairman of Ellevate, a women’s professional network,  she also has over 1 million followers on LinkedIn, and her advice is definitely worth the listen.







8. James Altucher

This influencer is a jack of all trades. As a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author, Altucher’s articles are personal and often uncomfortable. He’s sure to get you out of your comfort zone and make you think. 





 9. Laszlo Bock

Bock’s Linkedin consists of articles about interview best practices, resume mistakes to avoid, and tips for earning your next promotion. Looking for a new job and have questions? Check out Bock’s Linkedin first!





10. Clara Shih

CEO of Hearsay, Clara’s primary focus is to connect advisors with clients using web, social media, email, and text. She’s a firm believer in the digital age, and you can see that in her articles.




 11. Ryan Holmes

Why wouldn’t you want to follow the CEO of HootSuite? With his vast knowledge of social media building and management, following Holmes is a must if you’re going to grow your social media knowledge.





12. Tara Hunt

Social media is the leading advertisement source in today’s marketing world. Tara’s Linkedin profile will give you a look into an experts thoughts and advice on growing your business’s social media presence. 




13. Josh Fechter

Need advice on growth hacking? Then Josh is your guy! If you follow Josh, then you will be sure to get advice on B2B growth hacking. As a Linkedin influencer, he is always teaching others how to hack growth on social media channels.





14. String Nguyen

Nguyen believes that Linkedin is about to rule the entire social media world, that’s right, even Facebook. Her articles back up her theory and show pretty convincing evidence. Nguyen also consistently uses videos as a strategy across social media channels and provides her followers with why using video is such a robust strategy. 





15. Gary Vaynerchuk

Known for his extraordinarily raw and insightful podcasts, GaryV is a bestselling author and inspirational speaker. He also owns his own full-service digital marketing agency. Gary V is a must follow due to his realism and outlook on society alone.




16. Dennis Williams II

Are you struggling with your content marketing and knowing what to do next? Check out Dennis Williams! His expertise in social media marketing and how content marketing can affect your brand is bound to help you reach the list of top LinkedIn influencers.




 17. Brittany Hoffman

Ironically enough Hoffman worked for another one of our favorite influencers, Gary Vaynerchuck. Her goal was to set out and create her own personal brand with a proper growth strategy. Building your own personal brand isn’t easy, and we can bet she has some insightful things to say for anyone looking to become a LinkedIn Influencer.



18. Carsten Pleiser 

Looking for more information on event and growth marketing? Pleiser is the influencer you’ll want to follow! He has unique expertise and coins himself as an Event Marketing Maverick!





19. Aaron Orendorff

Orendorff is another content marketing influencer that we couldn’t leave off the list!  If you need any guidance on content marketing, connecting emotionally, or behavioral economics, following Aaron as one of the top Linkedin influencers is a necessity!





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